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    Originally posted by goodgoings View Post
    Beautiful images. I'm curious about how you handled sound for this shoot. Did you have lavs and a boom?
    Yep, you've got it. I'm fortunate to have a really talented (and well kitted) sound recordist and mixer as a good mate who forms an extremely valuable component of our crew. He was recording with lavs on talent, as well as a special boom setup called an "M-S", which is basically a directional shotgun complemented with a cardioid pattern getting the 'missing' stereo image from the sides. It can then be de-matrixed and mixed up something lovely. He also handled the sound design/mix on this trailer, incorporating plenty of other atmos from the trip and even some foley I believe. The vocal audio for the ritual for example was recorded twice, once observationally (all mixed/overlapping with the other sounds), and then once 'clean' afterwards with just the mother in a (near) silent room.

    I'm so luck to have had him along on the trip! He's at:

    Thanks for the kind words,

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