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A few grabs from this weekend. With Fujinon MK lenses

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    FS7: A few grabs from this weekend. With Fujinon MK lenses

    So I did a little "helpful" job this sunday for an applicant to the school of dramatic arts. She wrote a monologue piece and we had to do a 6 minute one take.
    Thankfully the biggest weight rested on the actors shoulders, she did however turn out to be pretty damn amazing and we are currently lining up the very first take for the beef of the film.

    I don't want to sound like an advocate for Fuji, and I do also know that it's easy to think that if I own a few expensive lenses I will try to sell them as the best solution every time. However... I really do like these MK lenses. The range is fine for the vast majority of what I do, and being parfocal and able to go to macro with a switch is great.

    Lighting was pretty simple. I rigged a 2k blond on a stand and shot it through one of our homemade double difusers. Flagged off her sides and the top of the light to minimize the spill on the backdrop. Also go to experiment with UV make-up and lights. I was pleasantly surprised to see that a 20 dollar UV light could produce a useable picture, although we were in CU and the light was 40 cm or so from her face. Alas, some of the UV make up the MUA used, all went straight to white instead of colors, which we were a bit let down about, but accepted.

    These shots were at 1/50th, T 5.6 at cine iso 2000. The UV shot was around T4 I recall.