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    Now you calling me not honest? :-)
    I have nothing to hide, I publish books for startups and I produce video's (most nature and technical ones). No snuff movies, no porn, no heroin commercials. Only boring birds and nature.

    Tobacco is not yet forbidden. So legally you ar not a criminal. Though some tobacco companies are being sued in the Netherlands for making people addicted to tobacco (with added substances).

    In this discussion timing is essential. Annyone who makes a tobacco comercial with the knowledge of today, can be considdered moraly wrong in my opinion.

    I can't think of a good reason for making commercials for death cigarettes nowadays, do you?
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    Peter Bosman


      No, not calling you anything. Just suggesting everyone is open and honest. So, thanks for answering my question.

      I'm not bothered that you're not a jobbing filmmaker, your opinion is still valid, but since we know more about you it's easier to give your viewpoint context. That's all.

      Earlier you stated 'journalism' is OK, I'd say, it depends on the journalism, for example, I would never work for Fox News or The Sun newspaper. Other people are happy to work for them. So be it. That's their choice, not mine.

      You also said, 'documentary' is OK. Well, two of the films I made for Philip Morris were documentaries. Were they OK. You might think not, though I'm happy with them. One was on how fake cigarettes are funding prostitution and people trafficking and the other was on the impact of plain packaging on independent retailers. Clearly one occupied a higher moral space than the other, but neither of those films were 'bad'. Their audience was the EU and heads of government. So, propaganda, yes, but not criminal:-) Oh, and the TVC I made for Death cigarettes had it's tongue firmly in its cheek. So again, not criminal. We all understand cigs are bad...

      There are no hard and fast rules to this. We're all hypocrites to some extent for shooting some of the things we do. Which is why I'd ask not to shoot the messenger - it might be me, or Sam, or JP or Jason...
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        Hi Liam, thanks for you answer. I understand your point of view.

        My fear was that these discussions can escalate quickly but I am glad that didn't happen. (Monthy Puthon Style: 'so you are calling me a criminal' No I didn't, yes you did, did you call me unhonest, no I did not etc etc...) :-)

        Long time ago I studied journalism so I do find these questions and discussions interesting.

        One of these discussions is the thin line between 'being the messenger or maker of the message'
        But that is a discussion for a new thread.

        Now it is 21.30 and officially weekend. So let there be wine (stopped smoking started drinking).

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        Peter Bosman