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PREDATION - Short Film

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    FS5: PREDATION - Short Film

    Hey Guys! Here is the first thing I have shot with my FS5. For the Film Riot Monday Challenge - SUSPENSE

    FS5, Shougun FLame, Veydra Lenses

    Cool. Personally I would add a more styled grade to fit within the genre. How do you like the Vedyras? I rented the 25mm and wasn't too impressed but didn't get to do anything dynamic aside from some city scape shooting.


      Thanks Derek. I have never been a fan of to over the top in grading...also ran out of time I really love the Veydras...actually used the emount prototypes for a short that is in post now. Loved them so much i have sold most of my canon stuff and moved from the 1DC to the Sony FS5 and a whole set of veydras


        I liked it!

        Technical observation: That walking / talking shot looks notably different than the opening shot: less detailed, less nuance in the image. Any thoughts on that? Different codec or lighting?

        Fun little short. Good work!


          Thanks Hoju,

          That shot was supposed to be on a gimbal....died the night before just had to wing it and the soft sand made it really tough. Lighting wise it was a pain as that shot was first and it was totally overcast and looked like it would stay that way all morning...but as soon as that shot was done the sun came out completely. I would have reshot it later but we only had the actors for 3 hours total it was just a little test shoot for the new camera I could probably get a better balance but this is my first go at SLOG3...hopefully cc will improve with time