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Sony Mics with Sony FX/FS Cameras

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    Sony Mics with Sony FX/FS Cameras

    I have a few questions about my Sony mics in relation to my FX6.

    I have a handful of Sony UWP-D11 systems and really like them. On my transmitters, I've replaced the stock lavs with Sanken COS-11D lavs which sound great with lower toned voices. But when it comes to higher pitched voices, they sounds almost distorted. Changing the audio levels on the side of the camera don't help as I keep the levels bouncing around -12 on my camera, so I know that's not the problem. As such, I'm wondering rather if the problem is in my audio chain. Perhaps the audio is getting distorted before it ever hits the camera.

    On my Sony transmitters, there's the ATT level which starts at 0dB and goes up from there. I'm keeping that at 0, but should I consider changing this? I'm not an audio guy, so feel free to tell me if I should adjust this, but I thought adding to the ATT level would make the signal hotter. Am I right in thinking that, or is it backwards? For some reason I feel like I remember it is backwards.

    On my receiver I have the out level set to 0dB as well. My understanding here is that I can adjust the levels up or down as needed to get the levels to bounce at 2/3 on the receiver, but I'm leaving it at 0dB because it looks like that's what is happening. But perhaps I should adjust this anyway?

    Lastly on the FX6 itself, there's the INPUT MIC Reference for Inputs 1 & 2. Both of mine are set to -50dB which is what they were set to from factory, but perhaps I should considering adjusting these if the transmitters and receivers are showing audio levels bouncing at 2/3 of the way and my camera's levels are at -12, but the audio still sounds hot or distorted? I watched Doug's Master Class on the FX6 and the FS7 back when I owned it, but I'm still not sure I understand the purpose of these settings. Plus, I also don't understand whey they are only available for Inputs 1 & 2 and not channels 3 & 4 as well. I don't get that because I run 3-4 channels all the time and am unsure if there's a difference between the channels since two have this setting and two do not.

    At the end of the day, I just want to make sure my audio chain is good all the way through, from the transmitters to the receivers, and then ultimately the camera. I'd love some advice here.
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    The ATT attenuates - or turns down - the input gain of the pre amp on the transmitter. The logic is a bit back to front - you increase attenuation to reduce the input gain.

    Use the little audio signal bar display on the transmitter to monitor your talent speaking at their normal level and adjust the attenuation accordingly. That gives you a healthy signal at the start of the chain.

    The -50dB ref setting is a broad brush control for different mics plugged into XLR, depending on how hot the mic signal is.

    If you’re using the MI hot shoe mount (and you should be in my opinion), the signal goes digitally from the receiver straight into the cam. Leave the receiver in default settings and set the camera recording levels to peak audio at around -18. On the FS7 that I used to shoot on, you used the status button (iirc) to give a magnified view of the audio signal.

    It sounds to me like your issue is around the mics giving a slightly too hot level and just needing a tweak down on the first pre amp in the chain -ie, the transmitter.
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      Yep concur 100% Loud voice plus hot mics mean that attenuation on the pack is really important.