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For a Low Light shoot with FX6 / FX9 - best ISO and Color profile settings?

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  • drboffa
    Just how dark do you anticipate it to be?

    Remember that with S-Cinetone your HI base ISO on the FX6 drops to 5000.

    I've done some low-light shooting in both modes (e.g., in the 20-30 minutes after sunset, with relatively slow lenses) and I think I found s-log3 to be preferable. Normally I might say to avoid adding extensive gain in post, but in this case it seemed to work better than going with the in-camera gain of S-Cinetone.

    Having said that, YMMV, and I'm keen to see what others have found.

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  • For a Low Light shoot with FX6 / FX9 - best ISO and Color profile settings?

    Phillip Bloom pointed out that S-Cinetone (on the FX6 at least) will have lower noise than Slog3 at higher ISOs. Yes?

    I'm shooting a haunted house performance that will have some very low light scenes. I'm questioning whether my default choice should be Slog. The FX6 has dual base iso -- so you have to shoot at 800 or 12,800 when in log mode I believe. If I shoot in S-Cinetone, however, I can go to a higher ISO and make my HIGH BASE ISO higher than 12,800 and still get some decent results in terms of noise? (I realize that not shooting slog will decrease dynamic range).

    EDIT: I just found out my second camera, the FX9 has a high base iso of only 4000. Oof. So now I wonder what to do about that.

    I'm very new at this camera so I'm unsure what the optimal settings are for shooting low light.

    I'm also thinking of foregoing my stock zooms lens (f4) and shooting with the 24mm (f1.2) to help get more light in there as well.
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