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    Other: The Sony ILME-FX6V Owners Club

    Hello everyone.

    Thought I'd start a thread for people who actually own and use the FX6 for us to come together and work out tips/workflow/problem-solving and well as discuss accessories and tip. The other thread was largely discussion on what it would be like. Hopefully this one is all real-world experience and problem-solving.

    I'm UK-based (Previously would have said EU-based but I guess most of that work has gone for a while now!) and have been in production or post for a while now. Shockingly over 2 decades. DOP and shooting Director, plus Editor and Colourist when called upon. Do all sorts but these days branded content and social/marketing pays most of the bills, although I always have the most fun doing docs, car stuff, narrative work and the occasional music promo. Feature docs and narrative is where I'd love to stay but hard to pay my way doing it.

    I want it to be fully featured but lightweight. I'll be pushing to get the same image quality I enjoyed in my Red in a smaller package with decent audio. With the FS7 I shot exclusively in Cine-EI mode except for when doing livestreams. I imagine it will be the same here.

    I edit on Premiere and Da Vinci resolve and grade in Resolve.

    That's the basics. My current priority is choosing a bag. I have a nice setup that fits a Peli 1510 but it looks like the Portabrace FX6 backpack is just large enough for a good run n gun setup but not too big I'll fill it and weigh it down.

    Now what about you?

    Latest Firmware

    FW update : 1.10
    A new FW update is available on Sony site.

    SONY FX6 INFO / FAQ (a work in progress)

    Netflix Approval Docs

    Third Party Batteries that work with the FX6

    IDX SU-98 - Fully charged states 356 mins in the FX6 display.
    Hawk Woods

    Chargers - Charges Sony and 3rd party batteries

    Viewfinder / Loupe solutions:

    CVP Offering a mod for fitting the FX9 Loupe to the FX6 -

    Zacuto Z-Finder for FX6 -

    Portkeys LEYE EVF -

    Cases / Bags for FX6

    Peli 1510 for carry-on
    more to come with pics
    Portabrace BK-FX6 (BKFX6) Backpack -

    Manfrotto bag ProLight CC192N

    Manfrotto Pro Light Cinematic Expand Backpack


    Expand pouch not needed with mic mount off.

    Pouch expanded.



    Tested working at all framerates and resolutions up to 4k 120fps

    Kingston Canvas React V90 card 128Gb tested successfully. -
    Angelbird V90s 64 & 128Gb tested successfully.
    Transcend V90 64Gb tested successfully.

    Rigs and Baseplates

    Smallrig -
    Tilta Rig -
    Wooden Camera -
    Shape Shoulder rig -
    Shape camera cage -
    Zacuto Recoil rig -
    Bright Tangerine Baseplate -

    Video on Matching Venice FX6, FX9 and FX3.

    This is an informative video from CVP showing their attempts at trying to match the FX3, FX6, FX9, & VENICE:

    00:00​ - Intro
    00:29​ - What is S-Cinetone?
    02:05​ - What cameras have it?
    02:40​ - Exposing S-Cinetone & SLOG3
    04:50​ - Base ISO
    06:02​ - Tests
    10:02​ - Matching Cameras
    11:18​ - Outro
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    Good thread to start, Ben. I have the FX6 on preorder so as soon as it arrives I'll be trying to add anything positive I can. Thanks for starting. I won't list it all because I come from too far back, right back to 8mm film spools (before even the plastic cartridges!) having used just about every still and moving format made, and most cameras too. Despite my ancient status I'm still working and still enjoying it. What would I do if I retired - make films for fun. To hell with that; I'll let people pay me to carry on wirh my hobby. Looking forward to a good helpful and friendly thread.


      Oh I started making stop motion films on Super 8mm with Star Wars toys but thought it best not to list that!

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        Now I want to buy an FX6 just so I can join the club

        From the river to the sea


          Sorry mate I don't make the rules*

          * Okay I sort of made the rules.

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            I can't remember all Sony cameras I've used but I've owned EX3, F3, FS100, FS7, FS5 and now FX6. Excluding still cameras. Am I eligible for a membership?


              Anyone that wants to share their real-world experience of the camera is welcome.

              The spiel in the OP is just so that people have some context when they consider my opinions on stuff. Other people will surely have a much better handle on other types of work and use cases. Thought it would be helpful for people.

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                Here's my current fully loaded Peli 1510 carry-on case. It's a decent amount of firepower in a single case and if I had anywhere to fly it would be great for plane travel.

                FX6, Top handle (with mic mount removed), Grip and monitor.
                Atomos Ninja V
                Batts for FX6 and Atomos Ninja
                Chargers for both
                Rode NGT2 shotgun mic and cable
                Rycote mic suspension mount
                Sony UWP-D11 Wireless Lav mic kit plus batteries

                3 x lenses - currently Canon FD 35-135, 20mm and 50mm.
                Canon FD to Sony E Mount adapter
                Aputure AL-M9 bi-colour camera light
                Lens cleaning kit
                Cheapo polariser
                De-mattifying papers for shiny heads.

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                  Hey Ben, I'm getting this Porta Brace case to carry my FX6 in. It looks to be big enough to carry a loaded FX6 with accessories, but not so big as to take up unnecessary room:

                  I recently grabbed this LanParte ARRI Rosette Adapter as it was the only rosette adapter I could find that fits into the FX6’s body where the handgrip usually goes, but without requiring screws. It seems like all the others I’ve found have to be screwed in which I don’t want. This one simply pops in just like the grip itself does:

                  Most of the time I see myself using the FX6 with the grip on the side like normal, but for those projects where I need to be on the shoulder, I am going to using the LanParte adapter with a Zacuto Z-Trigger Grip. This will give me a setup akin to a mini FX9:

                  I’m also going to be equipping my FX6 with a Zacuto FX6 Z-Finder ( as well as a Zacuto FX6 Z-Finder Shoulder Mounting Kit ( For the shoulder pad, I don’t like baseplates so I went a different route. To me, baseplates add unnecessary weight to the camera and make them heavy. That would defeat the point of the FX6. So instead, I’m doing exactly what I did for my FS7II and am adding the Letus35 MCS Shoulder Pad (

                  The Leetus is hands down the most comfortable shoulder pad I’ve ever used and weighs virtually nothing. It simply velcros to the bottom of the camera and comes on and off in literally one second. And because it velcros on, it can be placed pretty far forward thus setting the camera on your shoulder at the point where the lens mounts. The helps with camera balance immensely and with the FX6’s weight and handgrip, it’ll be a lightweight shoulder setup that you could run for hours, all while having everything you need right at your fingertips on the handgrip.

                  For rails, I am using the same custom made Arca-Swiss plate that I had made for my FS7II. It’s essentially a metal Kessler Kwik Arca-Swiss Short Camera Plate ( that I had drilled and tapped in the front by a machine shop. I then screwed in, glued and thread locked a SmallRig 15mm dual rod clamp ( This gives me virtually the smallest, lowest profile and lightest weight 15mm rail system money can buy. And when you want to go to the shoulder, just slap on the Leetus pad and you’re ready to go. All of that plus the 28-135 and Sony’s wireless mics for 4 channels of audio makes for one heck of an event/doc rig.


                  And that’s pretty much my FX6 system. I absolutely love it. I’m still waiting on the Zacuto parts to get in (I preordered them and they are just now starting to ship out), but so far everything is working really great. It’s the smallest, lightest cinema camera I’ve ever worked with and so far I have very few if any complaints (except for can we please get the same white balance tool as the A7SIII?).

                  I hope my setup gives you guys some ideas on different ways to rig up your FX6. I love it!
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                    Hey Joshua.

                    Sweet setup there. I had a look at that PB bag and it was on the maybe list but their backpack seemed to be a tiny bit more practical for me.

                    I never used the grip on my FS7 or my EVA1 but might give it a go on the FX6. I have my old Zacuto shoulder pad just waiting on getting a baseplate for rails to get a shoulder mount solution together. I'm just under 6'4" so my shoulder usually looks down at people and so possible HH with an easyrig type support is a better solution this time around. That said I love your shoulder pad solution.

                    I really want the Bright Tangerine baseplate but 500 for a piece of machined metal no bloody way. Will wait for the Smallrig one!

                    How do you find the camera on your shoulder? Ergonomically it seems a bit of a pain.
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                      Thanks for starting this thread Ben!

                      I'm US-based (Wisconsin for the past 7ish years). My day-to-day work is for a tiny sports media company that focuses on Olympic weightlifting. Otherwise I occasionally do freelance work (corporate, concert recordings, etc) and (pre-pandemic) some narrative stuff for fun. To keep myself in practice shooting things (and just because I enjoy shooting) I've been doing some nature filming recently—mostly birds, but I'm hoping to catch a fox or coyote on camera at some point. I do about 90% of my editing in FCPX; the rest is Resolve. For color I really, really prefer Resolve, but I can't deny that editing with FCPX is so much faster than anything else.

                      Before the FX6 the Fs5 was my main camera for a little over three years. I still have the Fs5, along with my very first video camera (the original BMPCC) and a Sony EX1 that I bought for cheap a couple years ago out of curiosity and interest in some of the early HD cameras.

                      Other cameras I've owned include the Panasonic GH5, GH5s, Sony a7S, Sony NX80, and BMPCC4K. They all had their pros and cons but none was as easy to use (for me and my work) as the Fs5, although they were all fine as B or C cameras.

                      Moving forward I'll probably hold on to the Fs5 as a B camera to the FX6. Once regular competitions pick up again it may make sense to add something small and light like an a7s3 or a6000-series camera, but for the moment I'm enjoying just learning the FX6.

                      So far the camera is exactly what I'd hoped for: a better, more fully-featured Fs5 that draws from the best of the FS7

                      That said, there are always quirks and kinks to work out: e.g., I recently thought my gyro stabilization was broken because a whole series of clips I'd shot kept returning the error "this clip does not contain sufficient metadata for stabilization" in Catalyst Browse, until I remembered that SteadyShot and gyro stabilization can't be used together...

                      But otherwise I'm thrilled with the camera; I find the ergonomics to be great and the images it's producing to be fantastic.



                        Very interesting. Would be great if the gyro data could be read by something other than Catalyst.

                        I keep meaning to go shoot (with a camera!) some deer in a local park but with a 3 year old kid I treasure my sleep!

                        What's the baseplate you are using there?

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                          Originally posted by Ben Scott View Post
                          What's the baseplate you are using there?
                          It's just a cheap SmallRig baseplate that I originally bought for the Fs5. I'm not crazy about it but it works and has held up very well. If I want to use rods and lens support the only other option I have is a shoulder rig / VCT combo that adds so much unnecessary weight if I'm not actually doing shoulder-mounted shooting. What I'd like to find is a nice, (relatively) lightweight baseplate that allows me to use rods and a tripod plate (i.e., so I can quickly remove the camera from the baseplate and set it straight on a tripod, as I can with my shoulder rig plate).

                          And yeah, I'm hoping for gyro data implementation in FCPX or Resolve soon...


                            Originally posted by drboffa View Post
                            It's just a cheap SmallRig baseplate that I originally bought for the Fs5. I'm not crazy about it but it works and has held up very well. If I want to use rods and lens support the only other option I have is a shoulder rig / VCT combo that adds so much unnecessary weight if I'm not actually doing shoulder-mounted shooting. What I'd like to find is a nice, (relatively) lightweight baseplate that allows me to use rods and a tripod plate (i.e., so I can quickly remove the camera from the baseplate and set it straight on a tripod, as I can with my shoulder rig plate).

                            And yeah, I'm hoping for gyro data implementation in FCPX or Resolve soon...
                            The Wooden Camera does this (I think) and the upcoming Smallrig one.


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                              Good to know! The SmallRig stuff looks pretty interesting and might be exactly what I'm looking for. The Wooden Camera stuff looks great but for my work it's probably overkill (at least at those prices). Their baseplate is appealing, though.