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Corporate Vid: Your thoughts, please.

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    COMMERCIAL: Corporate Vid: Your thoughts, please.

    So I shot a corporate vid for a fashion chain. It's a British success story in that the owner started it from his living room and is now exporting to 22, different countries.

    However, this is completely different from anything else I've ever done and in the time available, I wasn't happy with the elements right at the end. I came up with the concept, shot it myself, edited it etc... and they're really happy but what do you all think? It's right up on their site: and is called Aircon wars.

    Sorry to direct you to their site but it's contractual.

    However, I'd really appreciate knowing your thoughts.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for sharing and being open for whatever will come your way. Personally, I do not care for the concept and execution. The opening drama with the thermostat was kind of disconnected with the actual clothing that is supposed to be thermal in nature. All I saw was the conflict between the two in the office (and almost a crotch shot with the girl at the desk). The laxative bit is kind of TMI as well.

    Is this going to sell more clothes? Sometimes clients can steer you is strange directions. The main part is that they are happy.

    Graphics and editing are nice. Sorry to be blunt but it is my honest opinion. Be well.
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      Yeah, I'd have to agree with Bassman, lots of good post-, I think the production part might have used a better idea, tho good ideas aren't easy.
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