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Wheeled Monostand WIth Rapid Height Adjustable Arm - Like 6MS-360 or Alternatives?

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    Wheeled Monostand WIth Rapid Height Adjustable Arm - Like 6MS-360 or Alternatives?


    I saw someone in the US using an Arkay/Regal 6MS-360:

    There is a clearer pic of the 10' version here:

    It has a lever that allows the the 60cm horizontal arm to be rapidly repositioned up and down the column. It is really fast - almost instant. It also has a counterweight in it, so movement of the horizontal arm (with a ballhead+camera on it), is quite controlled and effortless. He was wheeling it around the room, rapidly setting up static shot after static shot. I think it also has a 'pan release' which lets the horizontal arm rotate (but height stays the same), which he was able to use for some panning shots.

    I'm in the UK and can't find it in stock anywhere here. In fact, I can only find one in stock in a Spanish store. It's also 1700 which is a bit much for me. Looks like they go for about 500 used in the US market. I couldn't really find much about Arkay as a brand (or I've seen it used somewhat interchangeably with Regal??). Have they closed up?

    Grateful for suggestions for alternatives. I basically have the need to set up lots of different shots within a large kitchen. Heights ranging from 75cm to 180cm. Are here any substitutes? What would you use if speed was the priority?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    Booming quickly is one of the great challenges of cinema.

    Im not sure about your linked stand usually used for stills - im not sure if they would sustaint torque during a pan.


    You can boom by adjusting your tirpod height which is the work of the devil, and you cant do it in shot.

    You could use a small but solid jib, and maybe lock it off to shoot.

    You could use a peewee dolly.. perfect if you have $80k

    There was also a sactler 'hot pod' tripod that has a pnumatic canre column.

    Also studio 'peds' have that hydaulic column, they are super heavy and expensive, but maybe perfect for you if you have a solid floor.

    Some peds can be had used for cheap.. cos you might need a truck to collect them! View my feature Film


      Thanks for the ideas.

      So my use-case, and also the guy I saw using it, it self-filming cooking instruction videos in a large room with kitchen island.

      I generally fit it easier to cook slow and film angles as I go. Establishing shot, cut in, cut in from another angle, macro close-up and repeat variations on that theme. Makes the editing in post much easier and the quality of shot is better than I can get with a 3 camera setup. In practice there is an incredible amount of stop-starting. Wide shot, change angle, couple of chops of an onion, change angle, pieces of onion into the bowl, change angle... Doing this sort of thing with a traditional tripod is deeply painful.

      What I liked about the workflow with the Arkay stand is that it can be easily wheeled around and height adjusted. With a ballhead on the extension arm, other adjustments can be made. With a ballhead that can tilt forward, you can do a 'top down' overhead shot as well. It is a few seconds to wheel the stand, then a couple of seconds to change height; and another few to adjust the ballhead, set focus. Repeat.

      I do have a solid floor.

      But 2nd hand choices are perhaps a bit limited in the UK. Would be very grateful for any links to the items you describe.

      Budget is a bit of a priority, I'd snap up one of those Arkay stands for 500/$500, but its too much at $1500+. I've also now seen these cambro stands:

      Looks similar, but I've not seen it properly in action. And price-wise, its way over $1500 once you add in the cost of the base.

      In terms of weight, I'm only shooting with a A7sIII with a small cage.

      Going to spend a bit of time researching some DIY options too - any thoughts on this also appreciated.

      Thanks again.


        In term of diy im pretty handy. DIY.. id see about ali scaffolding as the basic structure.

        Think the first you need is design your spec.

        I think the biggest spec is to not want to boom while rolling as that is the most engineering intensive.

        Your space is also a big deal. (how much you have)

        For example (whoops they are 4g) a matthews doorway dolly with a tripod onboard can be moved around fast but the footprint is not small.

        Your stand can 'fly over a table' which might be a cool spec

        You may also consider a second cam.. you dont have to roll it all the time but could have it on a high up slider to do any top down work

        But your stand is looking like a cool thing

        AJ is a good bloke, BBlist is where you will find a ped or Visuals london (or a satchler hotpod) or there must be other places selling 'old lumps'.. TVbay? Or used studio photo equipment.. i dont know but there must be a thousand of those things unused around the UK.

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          on bblist a decent jib like the libec lb30 is 1500, hotpods are a grand.. so you are not going to save money with a different solution.

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            Originally posted by Jeffsteez View Post
            Doing this sort of thing with a traditional tripod is deeply painful..
            Have you considered a Sachtler Flowtech tripod? It's not a traditional tripod and it takes just a couple of seconds to change the height. I'm sure I could keep pace with the guy you observed using the Arkay/Regal. I'm sure it easier to re-level, too, if the floor isn't completely flat. And the Flowtech can be used for so much more outside of the kitchen. Easier to pack up and move to/from the location, too.
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              Thanks all. I'm fairly positive I don't want any form of tripod. I need to do lots of shot over the kitchen island - either overhead top down, or close up macro where the lens needs to be practically on to of the chopping board. This is addition to establishing shots that I might do form across the room.

              Has anyone used the Manfrotto salon stands like the 208? Surprising lack of info on them, but I assume they have a quick-release for height/angle changes?

              Looking at the Manfrotto vs the Cambo stands - the latter being about twice the price all in.



                I've been looking and thinking about for something similar.
                But I want something that probably doesn't exist yet. A portable studio stand. (one man portable)

                I have a studio stand (Foba) at home. Once you try something like that, a regular tripod sucks the energy out of you.


                  Ive been thinking this over.. i think it is a good thing for an unusal set of cirmumstances..

                  small camera
                  flat good floor
                  mainly shooting in one location
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                    I've been thinking about this more and I'm probably going to buy one. The circumstances you set out are exactly mine... Flat wood floor, large open-plan domestic kitchen for shooting, Sony A7Siii (with some cage gear).

                    The person that I saw was getting adequate panning shots - but even the difficulties of that aside (as I keep hearing they aren't smooth enough for that sort of thing - despite seeing someone do it well), just static shots seems like a really fast workflow, even if another solution is required for pans. Could always add a slider or other mini jib to the studio stand.

                    I'm coming round to spending a bit more and getting a Cambo MBX-1 with MBX-0 base. The MBX offers independent adjustment of height/rotation - which might make things easier for panning, but potentially slower for adjustments that need height+rotation changes. On this, I figure I could just leave the horizontal 'unlocked', so only the vertical lock would need to be adjusted.

                    My challenge is I've not really seen any of these in the flesh. Seems more money buys you more ball-bearing movements, more weight and more girth on the central column. The Cambo Mono seems like a lighter weight version of the UTS (vertical and horizontal lock adjusted at the same time). Whereas the MBX looks like a lighter weight (but still heavier than the Mono) version of the UBS - both of which offer separate height/rotation adjustments.

                    Does anyone have experience with these models? I'm probably leaning towards a Cambo MBX-1 with MBX-0 base.



                      If you want to pan (operate in general while rolling) id be adding a fluid head. Smallrig and three legged thing spring to mind as lighter and smoother than a cheap frotto head i think are/were bad
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                        A jib on a tripod on a wheel-dolly is probably your best (affordable-ish) option. But with only a mirrorless camera to deal with, perhaps just a wheel-based stand, with some grip to allow you to quicly slide a tripod head up and down it?
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