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200w Practical lights

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    200w Practical lights

    Hey i've read on here awhile ago about 200w practical (white light) bulbs? I was wondering where one gets these and do they fit into normal light fittings? I live in Australia so no home depot here but we have similar places. I'm just not sure what exactly i'm asking for because the term "practical white lights" just doesnt seem to yield any results.

    I'm quite sure they are not normal tungsten bulbs as that would produce an orange/red light? Thanks for the help!

    I'm not sure what you mean dude.

    If its cheap n dirty lighting you are after, just get some of those Bunnings 2x500w lamps and ask the gent behind the counter to point you to the aisle where they keep the colour corrected 3200k indoor bulbs.

    Works for me.


      He's talking about practicals you put in existing fixtures. Unless you want to have shop lights in your shot...

      A google search for "practical lights" will just confuse google, as that's a film term. Just search for 200 watt bulb.

      This is the first hit I got:,354.html

      or just look up light bulbs or lamp stores in your area.

      And yes, they are normal tungsten bulbs. You can also buy what are called "photoflood" which can have a slightly higher color temp, but not matchign daylight.



        You can buy 500 watt medium screw base bulbs (typical house bulbs) from I recomend them highly!

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          The Edison based globes which work best as practicals are:

          PH-211 (75W)
          PH-212 (150W)
          ECA (250W)
          ECT (500W)

          All the above are 3200k sources, but do be aware to the thermal issues of the larger ones, particularly when the fixture is above the globe.


            thanks guys. What does edison based globes mean? Where can these be purchased from? i'm not sure what the PH, ECA, ECT stands for lol. I dont know **** but don't want to raise the ambient light using existing fixtures without it appearing as orangey/red.


              Edison based I belive, is standard household socket. I have linked to the PH-211 which khmuse listed in his post. Try googling those as they are model numbers for specific bulbs.
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                Not being smarmy, but the answers are there, inculding australian base standards.