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which light is best for me?

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    which light is best for me?

    Im going to be shopoting weddings indian mainly, the bride and groom are on a small stage.

    I also may shoot short movies indoor.

    which would be the best lights to buy, I am based in the uk.

    I was looking at arri and other lighting packages with soft box.

    Please help.

    Kabir, do a search and read through some previous threads. You will need lots and lots of lights for films. You can never have too many IMO. That said, one or two lights can work for certain situations. My advice is to buy only quality lights as your budget allows (even if that only means one light to start) rather than buy several cheap lights which will cause you headaches along the way. Arris, Mole-Richardson, and Lowels (only certain lights and/or certain applications for the Lowels).