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Seeking Advice: < $1800 lighting package recommendation

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    Seeking Advice: < $1800 lighting package recommendation

    Hey Guys,

    Looking to get recommendation on a complete lighting package from lowel or any other brand. We travel a lot so, the lights must be able to handle foreign voltage(220/240).

    Looking at the DV creator 55 or the DP core 95. Any good/bad comments on the above 2 kits ?

    thanks again in advance
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    Not sure about the voltage issue, but look into Arri kits. They are made better and are less annoying than the Lowels.


      Arri is top of the line, and they make great lights.
      A couple of 600W and a 300W fresnels is a nice starting point, but not necessarily easy to travel with.
      For frequent travel look at the Lowel Pro lights (just over $100/ea): they are inexpensive, light, focusable, and have the ability to accept 110V, 220V up to 250W, and 12V, 14.5V or 30V bulbs.


        thanks guys for the advice. I heard that Lowel Lights are not durable and break down a lot ???

        The Arri are very expensive, are they any other decent lights in between the Lowel's and the Arri's ?

        And JP, what do you mean by "less annoying" ?
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          Originally posted by Dxmetal
          I heard that Lowel Lights are not durable and break down a lot ???
          Can't vouch for ALL Lowels, but the Lowel Pro is a nicely made light, and ideal for travel.


            You're going to want a fresnel- which is the biggest reason I'd choose arri over lowel. If you need an open face- lowel is fine, but if you're not bouncing it or putting it in a softbox, I personally wouldn't use one. I do believe lowel makes fresnels, but not in the kit you described. And hands down, anyone on this board would take an arri fresnel over a lowel fresnel.


              Yeah, I've never used one of those lowel Fren-L lights, but I can't imagine they are worth their asking price. They cost more than an arri or mole???!!! Sure, they are a little more compact, but there is no way in hell they are anywhere near as durable.

              If size is important stick with pro lights. A Tota light makes for a good key WHEN PUT INSIDE A SOFTBOX only. I would think 3-4 prolights, with some diffusion gels plus a tota or 2 WITH a softbox would make a pretty nice kit for travel.

              If you're doing strictly interviews, you could even get away with 1 tota in softbox and 1 prolight as a backlight, though this would be a very barebones, limiting package.

              If compact isn't such a big issue, go Arri or Mole.


                do you guys have any recommendation on the "ideal" wattage ? Mostly this is for office corporate interviews, shots on location (store, office...etc). And also the occational short film indoors.

                I am thinking 1x 650,1x650 softbox and 2x 350 ????

                thanks again.

                In terms of Mole or Arri ?? any preference once we get up to that price point ?
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                  Reflection is cheaper than illumination

                  For doing a simple interview you can key with an arri 650 set to flood and use a silver reflector to provide the fill. For the backlight I'd use another 650 on a dimmer to provide a nice halo. You could definitely use a smaller instrument to fill but it's easy to make a bright light dimmer wheras it's nearly impossible to brighten a dim one. Dimmers can expand the range of your ligting arsenal without adding much cost. You cant go wrong with a nice fresnel


                    My Lowel experience

                    I like everyone here it seems will support that Arri, Mole and don't forget Desisti and if you can find a used kit (3 light Colortran) they are also nice. I do a lot of run and gun and have been lucky enough to have traveled around the world. I offer this comment as my experience with this situation . I know lighting gear like everything else is a very personal matter. I also know if I am directing and shooting I will decide on a look that I want and set my gear selection to get that before I hit the road. When I work with a director/producer we also have this discussion beforehand and that saves a lot of unecessary weight. Lowels are light and work well . Like all gear if you take care of it it will last. Its nice to have fresnels but they are heavy,bulky and fragile. Weight and volume are MAJOR considerations for those who fly. Lowels are space friendly, I love my Lowel Pros. Since making the move very recently to a DVX100b from and Ikegami BetaSp this small kit is even more effecient.
                    When I travel I bring extra (country specific) bulbs and spares, 2 Lowel Totas, wrapped in foam,2 Lowel Pros with doors , stands,1 small chimera and 2 video pros with eggcrates. This all fits in my Schatler tripod bag/case with my boom,pole and monopod and a couple of parasols.and gels and two Lowel gel frames. For interviews and the like, this setup works fine when combined with practicals. In my cable bag I carry a small assortment of clamps and if I am in North America a couple of "KindaKinos"-small Home Hardware flos with broom pole holders screwed the back. There are some very inexpensive softboxes like chimeras on ebay these days and I have seen a couple in action and they look fine. You just need to adapt the speed ring for your instrument.
                    If I need more I rent it locally. I have found this is cheaper than the "extra luggage " charge. And now many airlines won't take extra and force you to ship cargo. I bring two extension cords and adapter for country,but always end up buy a cheap powerbar or two and cheap extensions then leave them behind when I am done. If you are working in Europe it is easy to find local rental/supply houses and they have always been super cool to "visiing crews" much like my experience shooting in the USA. If you are shooting in South America the voltage is often different from one city to the next (Brasil-Rio -120volts and Sao Paulo 120volts & 240volts) If you are having issues finding gear go to the nearest local tv station/newsroom. They usually speak english and are willing to help.
                    Hope this is of some help.
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                      Mole richardsons are the sturdiest lights, if I were on the road I'd look at the case light flourescents and a mole kit. That's a bit more then your budget, so you may just want a kit with a softbox. But for travel I'd stay with mole richardson because they are so sturdy.