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Anyone have a Lee or Roscolux catalog handy?

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    Anyone have a Lee or Roscolux catalog handy?

    Hey fellow dvxers,

    I don't have my data sheets with me and I am working on getting a list together for expendables that will be needed on an upcoming project. What I am looking for is the catalog number for a filter that I recall using a while back. It was either a .6 or .9 ND with a minus green character. I need to pull some practicals (fluorescent tubes) down so that they read as on, but are really providing very little fill. I know we used a Lee sleeve but can't remember if the minus green was just a piece of gel we put around the tube before putting it in the sleeve.

    Any one have either a Lee or Roscolux catalog handy and would be willing to post the catalog number?

    Well in my Lee flip book 210 .6 neutral density. // 211 .9 neutral denisity, neither one says minus green. There is 248 1/2 minus green etc if those are what you are looking for.
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      I couldn't remember if it was a sleeve alone or a sleeve and a piece of minus green. Sounds like the latter.

      Thanks for the assistance!