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    flying kinos/caselites


    i routinely do ENG 2-camera sit-down interviews, but haven't done any yet with my caselites. i'm wondering what people use to fly the lights. i have C-stands and arms, but i have experimented with putting the caselite4 on and i think its front-heavy enough to cause it to 'droop' forward and eventually slip to the point where it'll be shooting straight down.

    i think that the key here is to use a pin in a matthews knuckle so that the pin runs vertically when going into the receiver on the light, rather than running horizontally - like when you put the receiver on the light directly onto the end of the matthews arm.

    make sense?

    I usually counterbalance the c-stand arm with a Boa Bag (very handy shotbags); that keeps the arm from slipping/drooping.
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      When gripping anything into a griphead make sure that the knuckle is on the right hand side if you're standing behind the stand with the light in front of you. That way if the item in the knuckle falls it will tighten up rather than loosen (if the knuckle were on the left instead).


        Righty - tighty
        Lefty - loosy

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