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Do you think this would work?

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    Do you think this would work?

    For a traditional three light set up - use one of the 1x1 light panels and two of the smaller ones for rear and the fill. Any thoughts?

    This would mostly be in medium to small rooms.

    It be super expensive for what it is but it would work. My only concern would be using one as a backlight. It might be too soft to get a nice edge. I haven't seen the light in person yet. Maybe someone else can comment.


      what are you shooting, what is it for, wheres the motivation coming from?
      Stephen Bruno
      "just another student"


        Probably a variety of stuff and in some tight spaces.

        The stuff of done with rented lights has been frurstrating without having dimmers or the space to move them back.

        I like the idea of runnng off batteries and not having cables so that I can move quickly.

        I've got a budget that's covering the lights and two cameras. So rather than loot at it as buying three lights, I'm looking at it as two mouted lights and purchasing a single extra light. So I've got the option of two handheld with lights or one with a three light set up.

        What about moving the 1x1 to the back and then either using the two mountable lights in the front with one dimmed as a fill or both from the same side with a reflector of some sort for the fill?

        Do you think any of these approaches would work?

        If you not sure, does it sound like a big miss or jsut a little miss?

        I'm probably planning on carrying some LED ropes lights too. I could always use thems a a suppliemant or bunch some up as a fill.