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Guerrila lighting (rooftop set) for Music Video

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    WOW. I would like to see that commercial!!! BTW I know that at least a Campari commercial was shot there. I don't know which one.

    Yes, I was actually thinking of using a china ball in the black tile room and you ideas for the rooftop set up is really good.

    Unfortunately guys, and especially to my dismay, the person in charged of managing the band let this project fall through and disappeared... just little before actually shooting it. You can already imagine that amount of work I put into it but I consider just another experience to learn from. I would have been more than happy and proud to show you guys the project.

    I am working on a new Music Video and hope to shoot it soon, meanwhile I have been involved in an animated commercial spot.

    Oh boy!

    I am more than grateful to you guys for all the great advice. I will surely apply it to this project. Punk Rock video ;)


      smithy, this page is awesome for pratical lights too: it out!


        Cools thanks..I'll bookmark it for future reference. You might check out GAM color for other options.
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          Ed, with all those white buildings around the roof, and all the red decor, I'd go try a daylight light test and see what effect you get if you OVEREXPOSE and use a LOT of white silks blowing in the wind for backdrops and effect.

          Be sure to use a silk to drop a stop for the actors, and to give nice attractive soft light....

          If you meter for the either the skin tones, or the red awnings, then OVER it 1/2 to 1 stop, you will blow most everything else out to white and bring all the skin tones up. If your talent is black, could try a warm filter which will make the slightly overexposed skin glow. The red will likely get crazy and give wild results in a distinctly videoish way... but some peope spend a ton in post to get that look in their film.

          I certainly wouldn't try this without doing a light test first.

          But I think you could create a very windy, flowy, bedouin type scene with little more than all that hot red, and some flowing white silks.