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Aputure Fresnel - Output questions

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    Aputure Fresnel - Output questions

    I've been looking and can't seem to find any light output measurements for the the Aputure Fresnel 2x for when it is fully flooded.

    Specifically I'm trying to find out what the light measurement difference is between the metal reflector on the 300DII (55 degree flood) and the Fresnel 2x fully flooded (40 degree). I get that when spotted the Fresnel greatly intensifies the light, but is there that much difference when fully flooded on that lens?
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    Chris - I have the 300DII and also have the fresnel lens for it. But can't even guess the difference, mostly because I've not used the metal reflector much. I'm sure I tested it briefly after puchase, but no recollection on that specific question.
    When I get time (currently away from the office & don't have the light with me) - I'll try to take some measurements with my light meter and post them here for you if no one else pipes up.


      Hi Chris,

      Here you go:

      3m with reflector (55 degrees): 3080 lux
      3m with fresnel flood (40 degrees): 5640 lux
      3m with fresnel spot (12 degrees): 12,000 lux

      BTW, the light actually cuts better (harder) without the fresnel lens. The reflector is pretty great in that regard. The fresnel is obviously better for more focus and punch, but hard cuts are....erm, harder? I mean, softer.

      I've been pretty happy with the light so far.

      Hope that helps.

      Source for photometrics:
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