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    Bulbs for redhead

    Apologies in advance if this question appears to be somewhat stupid. I have just picked up a couple of used ianbeam redheads. The bulbs they have in at the moment are the ones you would find in your security lights at home. Will these damage the units in anyway? And I presume I should get down to my camera store and get replacements asap. Any recommendations on which bulbs? Again sorry if this appears to be a facile question.
    Thanks Stephen

    Hi Stephen - Not really sure about your bulb question.... I found "David Lawrence" in London very useful for spares and bulbs... very friendly, quick service, well packed for postage and very good prices... 7.00 for a 800w Redhead bulb... visit (he will tell you if you are about to do something nasty with your security bulbs)

    Regards: Stu...