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Dedolight 650w versus Arri 650w Fresnel?

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    Dedolight 650w versus Arri 650w Fresnel?

    Hey guys,

    I'm planning out some fairly extensive additions to my lighting kit and I'd be keen to hear people's thoughts on the Dedolight 650w units if anyone's used them?

    I love, and I mean LOVE, the little 150w Dedos. They'll undoubtably be a part of my new kit. But I'm interested to hear how the 650w units compare to a more traditional 650w Fresnel, particularly in terms of spill control and light output (i.e. are the 650w units just the same as the 150w units with 4x the output?).

    I'm spending extra to build a lighting kit filled with fixtures that are as controllable as possible in order to allow me to set-up, pack-down and light faster. So if the 650w Dedos can save me from having to rig up an extra flag here and there (compared to a fresnel), then that's what I'd want to get.

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


    The question is simply a choice between a reflector light source and a Fresnel. Very different results. Dedo - harder shadows and any beam shaping therefore has hard edges. Fresnels have softer edges to the beam, they blend better with others, and can often be kinder to skin humps and bumps. Beam angles are often wider on Fresnels, and to many people produce 'kinder' light. Dedos or Redheads are more like lighting with a very bright torch - which is often to my mind, a little unflattering. It's just a different tool. If you only have one tool, it's tricky!


      I love my little Dedos.

      Im less experienced with fresnels.

      To somewhat oppose Pauls comments. I find a really hard focussed beam more useful than a nearly focused beam.

      The sun is totally focussed (unless diffused by clouds) and to replicate the sun you need total hard focus.

      As for using them on skin/faces - a true hard light is a challenge - but to me if it is hard it should be completely hard - and that is a Dedo.

      The reality is 90% of the time I would light faces through a bounce/diffusion and be aiming for something 1000% softer than any naked fixture.

      Bring in cost (and mass) and Ive gone for arri redheads (non fresenel) for my larger lights, using the Dedos for hair and backlight in the main.

      Arri vs Dedo - both great brands - Id go for the correct fixture but consider your local dealer relationship in terms of spares and rental, so if your local chums are arri nuts go that route - or vice/versa View my feature Film


        I have a few 150w dedos which i love and use all the time. I also have a couple of the 400w HMI dedos which are also workhorses. I think the 400w have the same design as the 650w dedos so the lenses and mechanics would be similar. They're great, just like bigger dedos.

        But the 150w are low voltage and the 650w are full voltage aren't they? The 150w punch above their weight and i wonder what the 650 would be like in terms of power.

        If you can get hold of the 400w HMIs dedo are bringing out or have just brought out a 3200K HMI bulb for them. AFAIK these are 400w power but a more efficient output than normal tungsten (from memory 2 to 3 times more efficient) - so you could use 400w with a equivalent of 800-1200w tungsten out of it.

        Just as shame dedos are so damned expensive!

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          Thanks guys, was having another play around with beam spread and control at the store the other day and I'll be putting in an order for two of the 650w Dedos on Monday. I keep coming back to the fact that there's really no substitute for control when it comes to lighting a scene (and lighting it as quickly and efficiently as possible). And the Dedos rule that particular roost.

          I also came across one of the new Dedo 1.2k HMIs - and WOW, that's a unit! Massive light output and massive beam control - should be a dream for fighting sunlight with nothing but household 10A sockets. I'm going to bring my 1.2k PAR in next week to compare the output and beam control, but I'm already trying to figure out how I can loosen up the funds to get one soon.