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    DIY Dryer Drop

    I know this has been discussed here, but search comes up with a lot of unrelated stuff (DVX search... you can learn all about drop-frame when searching "dryer-drop")...

    As someone who re-wired much of my house (with a permit, inspection and enough knowledge of code to get a green ticket first inspection) I'm interested in having one.

    Is this something as simple as bringing a 4-blade dryer cord into a junction box, and splitting it into two 110 cables?

    Or should it go into something like a sub panel box, with 4 15 amp breakers in two circuits, say?

    And in that case, is ground bonded to neutral or not (thinking of how subpanels are used in houses).

    Sorry of this has been talked to death, but it would be handy to have. I'm quite capable of making one that would be grounded and assembled for safety.

    Most dryer plugs are in the 30 to 50 amp range so, yes, you would need to have a subpanel of some sort for lower amperage overcurrent protection.

    Look into RV camper panels and the like. They tend to use exactly those types of connections for shore power.
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      A Google search brought this up:
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        It would seem somewhat pointless to me to make one that only allows for 4 15 amp circuits. I would at least use 20 amp circuits and also have a 60 amp bates connector using both legs (and clearly marked as being 240v!) so that you can run a 2.5k or 4k HMI with an electronic ballast.


          Originally posted by David G. Smith View Post
          A Google search brought this up:
          I've found lots of info on that subject - which is to convert a dryer outlet to an outlet capable of running one high-amp circuit, using a transformer. I just want to get more kick from a residential or small-biz setting.

          I'm not interested in running a 4k or 6k light for this use... but I have plenty of occasions where I could use a few more 15 or 20 amp circuits in one place; and dryer extension cords are about $90.

          This appeals to me vs. running stingers all over a house - one breakout box right there to supplement the room you're shooting in. The "Studio" space I use often is more of a finished warehouse/office with a dryer outlet nearby; currently we're running stingers from all over the building and making sure we have power strips with breakers.

          So a few extra robust circuits right in the room? I'd love it & seems a no brainer for low budget shoots without a power truck.


            If you can wire a house then you know how to add a subpanel to a main panel. Build yourself a small tie-in kit with a lunchbox.