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    Amen to that. Fight the good fight Matt.

    For my own selfish purposes I hope you manage to make a living on all the DIY stuff you do, cause that's great for everyone. Panasonic supplies the valuable camera, MattSTL LLC. supplies the valuable everything else, and by supplying that oh-so-elusive talent us indie folk can make movies technically as brilliant as jokers spending oooodles more $$$.


      That TRULY is what it's all about brother.

      Everything I do I think in terms of hundreds... EVERYTHING... I always think, "how cheap could I accomplish this if I do a hundred?"

      I'm always thinking of something cool that I'd like to use for video... and then I think there must be other people who would enjoy that same tool. One of the guys who is buying a light said that he wanted to do DIY stuff but it always ends up costing him more then if he'd just bought the thing in the first place. I can tell you that I would be thousands ahead if I'd have just bought a set of Kinos at this time last year.

      It's all about evolution... I'm working on chinese lanterns and all sorts of other stuff... when I feel confident in those projects I'll sell them for DIRT cheap as well.

      Honestly if I made a list of everything and told you exactly where to go, what to buy, and who to talk to... you'd pay MORE then I'm charging unless you did 20 lights and sold the ones you didn't want. Each of my first prototypes cost me about $225... and then I spent money and R&D tweaking until I can say, "I would love to have a light like this!"

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        I can't wait for my lights! woody w00t w00t.
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          i second that slinks!!
          matt the barndoor system looks sweet. thanks for all hard work and your DIY state of mind.
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            At this rate the lights I just bought will be vintage-MattinSTL. I could get hundreds more for 'em! JK, I still love them, and it even looks like I could mod 'em up with a nice barndoor solution (stolen from your designs)! Great work Matt.
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              Hey Mat
              Understood, the internet is a big place and I'm sure asking the right question, I will get the answer. I am in the business of making lights, I just want to do more shooting with my camera and less time building lights. I purchased plans for a steady cam and the plans cost $40.00 dollars. I build the thing and it works well and someday I wil buy a real steady cam but for now I'm able to see how the shoots look. Great lights good work 1000 kodos for your work


                Man I wish I had money to buy a couple. Keep up the good work Matt. I love DIY stuff and your inspiring me to do more!


                  Hybrid... you don't have to make your own barndoor solution... I already said I'd sell these to any previous buyers for $15 a set... that's PER light. Now for that I'll go ahead and spill the parts list.

                  (4) 1.25" wide strips of .063 3003 H14 aluminum 5.5" long
                  (4) HUN2003 Bulldog Clips
                  (2) 5/16" carriage bolts which must be hand ground so the square part is only as thick as the aluminum shell
                  (6) 1.25" fender washers with 5/16" hole... and those are impossible to find so you need 1/4" hole and drill it to 5/16" (or use a different outside diameter fender washer)
                  (4) 10-24 screws 3/8" long
                  (4) more fender washers size 5/32 x 7/8
                  (4) nylon lock nuts size 10-24
                  (2) clamping knobs with female 5/16 thread (or else use 1/4-20 threaded carriage bolts and clamping knobs with 1/4-20 thread)

                  After drilling ALL the holes I bolt the 4 stips together and grind off the shape of the washers at one end... the other end is filed with rounded corners and smoothed. All sides are buffed and rubbed with a cupped wire brush in a grinder. Next I mark the appropriate end of each strip with a line at 1.125" (but you can make this any length) and then put them all in my break at that line... then I bend the 90 degree angle.

                  After that it's just a matter of bolting everything up and attaching it to your light... which must have the same sized hole... filed SQUARE for the carriage bolt... and you're all good.

                  I originally did this w/o a carriage bolt... but the assembly will move unless you hold the inner bolt as you loosen or tighten the clamping knob... this way you never have to reach in the light... and the best part is that you can have the knob snug, but not fully tight, and still move the doors freely while they stay in whatever position you put them in.

                  If you want to do all that yourself there's the recipe for the barndoor assemblies... and that's all the work I go to for every one of 'em. My actual cost on those assemblies may be about $11 instead of $15... but it takes a while to do them.
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                    This pair left today. Anybody who buys 2 or more lights from me (from now on) will be able to mount TWO lights on one stand and use them independently... or of course you can use them the normal way as well.

                    This is something that I wasn't planning to do until the next run... because it means I have to file down the bumps that are occasionally in the way... but I just like the versatility so much that I decided to do it now. It also helps that all my recent buyers have been very cool about the lights... so I don't mind doing the extra work right now.

                    The one picture I forgot to take is two verticle... creating a 4' verticle light... they'll do that also. The only thing I suggest when using the lights like this is realize that on a cheap flimsy stand that you can get some serious leverage going if you decide to angle a 4' light out from the bottom... so use your head and pay attention to the leverage that you create depending on the stand you're using. Two lights in different horizontal directions can do anything on even a really small stand... if the bottom light is verticle the top one can do anything horizontally on top of it and again... no problems... if the TOP (or both) lights are verticle... that's when you have to use your noodle and not do something stupid.

                    Anyway... I'm digging the heck out of these... and so far everyone else is too.


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                      wow thats cool, how many do you have left? ^^
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                        That depends on whether or not everybody who says they want one pays for it... don't worry, your spot is held for the time being... when I get down to the last two I'll let you know.

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                          I just got one of Matt's flo today and i just have to say that for starters the build quality is excellent.and as someone posted earlier it is damn sexy. i had to work all day so i only got to assemble the light and turn it on and man does it put out some light. i have never really worked with flos before and the only other experience ive had with lightinfg is on a DV feature i helped out on last year where we were using an Arri kit and a Mole hmi. I know we are speaking about two different styles and budgets of lighting but this thing is really sweet and definitley sturdy! I should be putting it to good use in the next week or two with a project im working on so i hope to post some stills. Keep in mind i will only be using one of his lights and the rest will be practicals and or daylight. so hopefully if all goes well i will be able to show what just a single light can do with some already exisiting light and maybe a bounce card.I dont personally own any type of pro lighting and up until now ive been using paper lanterns and just lamps in rooms etc.Im excited to experiment on my day off! . Im using the manfrotto 8' stacker with the light and its a sweet combo especially for those on a budget. the whole package breaks down to a more than transportable size. Thanks again Matt for all the hard work and looking out for us with little to no budget to offer high quality products such as this!
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                            I just got 2 of Matt's lights in the mail today. Woah! He really cares about his product.

                            First off, his packaging for shipment was neat and organized. All the accessory parts and spare parts had their own little plastic bags. The shipping box was even taped on the INSIDE to ensure the bottom wouldn't fall out.

                            Then there's the lights...

                            Great craftsmanship and attention to every little detail. The design is very clever too, from the barn doors, to the gel clips, and the mounting options. It seems like a ton of work and well worth his asking price.

                            The light output is excellent. The reflective surface really makes the one tube seem a lot brighter than it is. It's hard to look at the light it's so bright.

                            2 thumbs up!

                            I can't wait to enlist Matt's services for other DIY projects. Matt, THANKS for a great product! Keep up the good work, man!



                              Hey Matt, congratulations man!

                              You should do a photometrics chart from your light, so we can compare it to what already is out there!

                              Neat looking stuff though!



                                Just received one of Matt's lights today and was blown away. Incredible craftsmanship; the pictures and video really don't do it justice. Once you're holding the light in your hand, you feel as if this is something you ordered from B&H or EVS, the quality is that good. I will most likely order another light in the next batch that is made.

                                Matt's also been really helpful in clarifying what other products I need to make everything work perfect in regards to ordering stands, arms, tubes, ect. I'm gonna be using the light for a shoot in about two or three weeks with the HVX, I'll post some grabs if I can in the footage section. Matt, Thanks for a terrific light!
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