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open faced lights- spot mode or not

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    open faced lights- spot mode or not

    I'm looking at getting a flexible lighting kit with the briteks. The wattage I was going to choose was the 1000/500, the 600/300 and a 200. This way a range of different power options. Problem is the ones with interchangeable wattages are not focuseable. Is this a severe limitation? would you get a good set of fixed wattage but focuseable lights like a 1000, 600 and 300 and use scrims, bounce etc to tune down the light output?

    Re: open faced lights- spot mode or not

    I personally found the focusability of the Britek's of mediocre use, don't expect too much from that feature. It's nothing like you would expect with a fresnel. I suppose every little bit helps though..
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