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Raspberry Pi HQ Camera video possibilities

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    Raspberry Pi HQ Camera video possibilities

    Anyone exploring this?

    I know people do it for surveillance cameras & consumer video, little point & shoot diy camera projects. I am more wondering about high bit video, all the aforementioned stuff I could find on github diy communities isn't using what the 12mpx sensor (Sony IMX477) is capable of: 40/60fps out of a 12/10 bit adc. Theoretically could do something more than 8bit out usb 3.0 bus to an sata m.2 with the right code(?).

    The raspberry compute 4 modules (whenever generally available) open up enough I/O to take all that the sensor can give, that's for sure. I'd love to play around with some old b4 servo & s16 geared lenses* mated to a remote controllable rpi

    *I realize most of these aren't even 4k much less 12mpx resolution lenses, some are for 3ccd etc
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    Yep Im exploring.

    The rest of your post is currently beyond me (but interesting)

    My thought was that it would be good for timelapse as a 12mp jpg is a good thing to make timelapse from.

    Ive done simple timing programming and with help am getting images sent to OneDrive which is remote timelapse

    I working on various boxes.

    As for video - Ive not been there


    These frames delivered to my Onedrive.. View my feature Film


      very cool. so you are using the nano here?

      I have a handful of schneider machine vision lenses and my current rpi project is to mate them to the HQ camera for an automated film scanner. I bought a used industrial automated microscope with an xy rail system used to image specimens with a removable tray. It accomodated a diy 4x5 film carrier & arca swiss clamp for a mirrorless or rpi camera really well. All lit with some small aputure battery powered lights mounted underneath with a diy diffuser. I just got to learn python now lol

      I figure once I learn how to control servo motors I can move onto something like you are doing with smm moco (using trinamic controllers I learned about on a stack-stitch microphotography project on I have a lot of the hardware but am not a coder lol. We'll see how big a problem that is in the next few months I guess



        Recently saw this which really intrigues me - using lidar to acquire focus (the sensor used here only works for small distances) on rpi


          Its been outside for three months without breaking.. (sending me pics via a 4g router, to OneDrive)

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