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    Mavic 3 hate

    Is it just me or does the mavic 3 simply suck Axx?
    the „cinematic mode“ is so fast and jerky it’s really hard to get precise shots. What’s the point of having a great camera if you can’t move it with precision. I’m dumping this POS and getting the mini 3.

    Man I don't feel that way at all. I absolutely love my Mavic 3 Cine. I was so excited for it that I preordered it minutes after preordering started.

    In the past 6 or 7 months that I've had it, I've used it on countless projects. The image quality is great, a huge step up from the Phantom 4 Pro and Air 2S I previously had. Having such a large sensor in such a small drone is great, especially when combined with 10-bit log and ProRes HQ.

    You mentioned having trouble flying yours precisely. I think that can be attributed largely to the remote. With the Mavic 3 standard combos, you have the cheaper RC-N1 remote. With the Cine combo like I have, you get the RC Pro remote. The RC-N1 remote is the same remote that came with the DJI Air 2S which I used before I got the Mavic 3 Cine. Coming from that and stepping into the RC Pro that came with the M3 Cine combo, it makes a massive difference. The controls are way more precise with the RC Pro. It's a fantastic remote and is completely worth the money. If you bought one for your Mavic 3, I can promise it would make a world of difference for you.

    None of DJI's newer drones have the old Tripod Mode anymore which is unfortunate. But you can still get very precise shots if you use a better remote mixed with dialing down the speed in the Cinematic Mode which you can do in the menus. If you do that, you can fly the M3 very easily and precisely.

    If you ditch your Mavic 3 for the Mini 3 Pro, you will be severely disappointed. You'll be getting the same remote you have now with the same problems you have now, only with a drone that has a much crappier camera. Don't downgrade from what you have now. Get a better remote for it and get back to flying. You'll be glad you did.


      I have a Mavic 3 with both the RC-N1 and the RC Pro. If there is a difference in how each remote flies, it is VERY VERY VERY minor. It certainly isn't going to make a huge difference if you're not happy with the way the Mavic 3 flies.

      It's not just me... I've spoken about this with two others who have Mavic 3s and the RC Pro. One of them has two Mavic 3s that he often flies back to back with either remote since he only bought one RC Pro.

      That said, I find most complaints with the Mavic 3's smoothness can be cleared up by more time on the sticks. It flies differently than a lot of previous DJI drones and it takes more skill to get smooth motion out of it. A lot of the previous DJI consumer-level stuff you could be pretty lax on how you flew it and it'd still get you good footage. With the Mavic 3, you have to be smooth on the sticks if you want smooth footage. It's a definite step down for ease of use though.

      One thing that can help honestly (and I run them on my RC Pro) is CineSticks from Scotty Makes Stuff. Here's the version for the RC-N1:
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