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    All good points Mr. N. I've had GPS problems in between high buildings in the city. Same sort of issues as with car GPS navigation where they can lose the plot. Also in underground road tunnels when shooting drilling and construction. Again I had issues in a large distribution warehouse for one of our big three supermarkets. If one can get geo and altitude stability without GPS that would be a big plus for me for those sorts of shoots. Yes, I think a lot of people will pass on this. Especially that we are now getting tougher registration and licensing requirements. The other interesting thing with the Airpeak is that Sony unlike DJI is not GEO fencing the unit. Leaving it up to the operator's responsibility. Its low-level close proximity performance looks good in the first of these videos and the tilt angle and stability in wind up to 20m/s does look quite impressive in the second video.

    Flight time has never really been a big issue for me. If I've planned out my shots it's get up there and execute them and drop back down. The fact that the Sony software, Airpeak Base that comes with the unit allows the following is interesting to me for flight repeatability at different times of day and season.

    "Workflow and automatic “motion controlled” flight

    Sony seems to have put a lot of thought into managing the drone hardware and creating flight plans. For that they developed a web application called “Airpeak Base”. The user can create or pre-program flight paths in advance using a map. These include the timing of photo and video shooting and gimbal orientation. That essentially means “motion controlling” the drone to repeatedly fly the same exact path. The drone can reproduce past flight paths based on recorded logs.
    The user can upload Aircraft information, to the cloud via the mobile app Airpeak Flight. Airpeak Base allows users to check the status of the aircraft and can provide notifications if necessary. Additionally users can manage the status of all managed aircraft in one place before flight. Past flight logs can be viewed on the logbook screen, and details such as in-flight errors can also be reviewed."

    Chris Young

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      Chris & Rob - you both make some good points here.

      For most of my work, my P4Pro is just the ticket for solo flying - and then the occasional Inspire for 2 person, higher-end work. But I've been on the look-out for what comes next... specifically since here in the U.S. the "Remote ID" system must be in place beginning September 16, 2023. This means that all drone pilots in US will be required to operate their aircraft in accordance with the final rule on remote ID. So, whatever drone I do buy next, certainly has to have this technology.... and so I wonder if Sony ticked that box??

      You also make some great points about indoor flying - which I've done very little of - because DJI's GPS positioning system.