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DJI I Spark 1080p question

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    DJI I Spark 1080p question

    I have a shot that I would like to do using a Drone and had one guy say he would come out on location to do that one shot for me. I don't know much about Drones but the question I have is how good is the DJI Spark 1080p? I'm shooting on the Canon C300. The guy wants $75 an hour to shoot the shot plus $75 an hour travel time to location and back home. Any feed back would be great.

    I've got a spark. Its limited to 1080@30 on a quite contrasty colour profile.

    Due to the 2 axis gimbal, I find there is a far amount of judder in any planning shots.

    I really only use mine to get stills, I don't think the video is good enough for pro work.

    At $75 per hour + travel etc - you can probably pick one up at BestBuy or the like and give it a go yourself
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      The Spark is DJI's beginner/entry level drone. It's a lot of fun. You wouldn't consider it a professional drone, and at the rate suggested you could easily get a professional drone operator with at least, say, a Mavic Pro. Spark footage isn't bad, there's lots of Sparks around and if you think it's good enough there's probably someone in your neighbourhood who'd be thrilled to use his drone in a real live movie for credit.


        The Spark is a toy. If you get decent footage out of it, you lucked out.

        If your shoot is in the USA, know that you need to have a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA to legally fly for anything but recreation.

        Honestly, $75/hr is pretty cheap. I certainly charge more than that for drone ops... but I'm not shooting with a Spark
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