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New SKYDIO 2 ANNOUNCED with crazy good obstacle avoidance!

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    I have one, but haven't flown due to two snowstorms in the last few days.

    Exceedingly well built vehicle. The beacon is also well built. The controller is a repurposed Anafi controller from Parrot, and is disappointing as far as build quality is concerned. Hopefully, Skydio will engineer its own.

    in addition, the software is simply not as robust as any of the more professional UAVs from DJI. DJI as well, owns the long range game with Occusync. However, given the FAA restrictions on LOS, the range is adequate.

    Skydio was upfront in announcing early on that telemetry would not be available as the initial release, but would be added later in a firmware update. The footage I've seen out of the drone is hit and miss, and that can be attributable to user error, upload compression, and the time of the year. Given the smaller size sensor, some of it is pretty darn good, and rivals the MP2 with its one inch sensor.
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