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open source non-linear editing system

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    open source non-linear editing system

    For those just starting out in film you may want to check out

    It's an open source non-linear editing software. Looks like they are trying to make it stable and usable. I'm definitely keeping my eye on it.

    And for a more obscure NLE, Zweistein has been available for some years already; now in its version 4 incarnation:

    Win, Linux, OSX


      I just had a look at both of these. i am a big fan of open source software.
      I think Jahshaka looks really good, but there are a lot of bugs in it. But i am using the windows build. are there any other good opensource editing programs out at the moment?

      what about an open sauce DVD authering program?

      - Joel


        What's one of the most popular open source non-linear editing systems?


          NLE on Windows platform:

          Soon the open source version of Lightworks should be available:

          NLE on the Linux platform:

          I've been experimenting with Kdenlive (I'm just familiarizing myself with it at the moment, but it seems very stable):

          I have tried Openshot which is a very promising newcomer, though lack of timeline waveforms for sound tracks (last time I looked) was a deal breaker for me:

          No experience of PitiVi but it was being actively worked on last year (anyone actually used it?):

          Some DVD authoring programs I've heard of on the Linux platform (but no personal experience of these): DVD Styler, Tovidgui, KDE DVD Authoring Wizard.