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    Save not used footage

    Hi folks, when I've done a short film project (or any film project of importance), I save all the takes, the complete footage of the production, "just in case". The benefit - if someone discovers any error or someone asks for a new cut, I'd have everything there to work with. Disadvantage - lots of hard drive space needed.
    How do others do? Do you only save the used takes? Just curious.

    I use 8 TB backup HDD's, I save all takes except realy bad ones.
    Peter Bosman


      The weeding process is too time consuming.

      Charge the client for a 2tb on every shoot! View my feature Film


        I've been shooting for (cough cough) years and have kept every frame of footage from everything I've ever shot.
        I'm not sure how handy its been - but as Morgan said above, the weeding process is too time consuming.
        I've found it's easier just to keep everything.

        That said - I do usually media manage projects so that I have a streamlined version of the final cut (either that or I'll create a multichannel prores master with textless elements for easier future changes, etc).

        (but really I'm just lazy and don't want to go through and pick and choose)


          I have stacks of travel drives that contain the files from the shoots I do.

          The question about takes only applies to those involved in post ( Editorial ) which isn’t me or most on this forum, from what I can glean about other users. I keep everything, since I do not know what will be selected as the desired “takes”.

          I keep a copy even after the client has confirmed that they have the footage and I should wipe the backup in my possession. I’ve had clients instruct me to wipe the backup only to later reach out in a panic asking if by chance I kept the copy.
          Sachtler tripod user for 40+ years.