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    equipment inventory software

    I've been tasked with building out a more robust inventory tracking system for all the company's gear (with the intention of renting it out). Currently, it's a very nice spreadsheet with lots of cells. I'm wondering if there's a cost-effective alternative. So for those who rent out gear or are super OCD about their inventory, are you using any third party software for inventory? If so, any recommendations?

    One word, Excel!


      MS Access - databases. Way past excel.

      Ive had mine on a server in cupboard but tonight im fiddling with OneDrive which I realised comes with my Office subscription.

      Using a database that is safe on the cloud is exciting to me!

      Being able to table the data avoids work dupblication.

      For example grip heads.

      You make one entry into ITEM 'Grip head'

      ITEM Attributes.

      ASSET Attributes
      Date of purchase

      You then make many ASSETS where ITEM is a child of ASSET

      Of course I will have many ASSETS stored in one BOX

      So BOXID 8 might have
      ASSET 12 ITEM GripHead
      ASSET 13 ITEM GripHead
      ASSET 14 ITEM Mathline clamp

      If you can make reports in Access one can make nice stickers, print outs and check lists

      BoxID AssetCount = 3
      Now you can count the items in a case (BOX) when you rent it out (and check it back in)
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        Obviously one can then creat a table RENTAL and one table PERSON (customer)

        Now PERSON ID 14 can make RENTAL12 of BOX14 and BOX21 (containing many ASSETS) on 14/02/2021 to 17/02/2021

        This RENTAL can be reported as an invoice, ticked when paid (or chased when late) and of course you can report which items make money.

        More complex one can create a DIARY noting the date of RENTALS and knowing which BOXES (and therefore assets) are booked on a certain date. View my feature Film


          There's inventory control, and then booking, tracking insurance certificates, customer info, invoicing...

          There are equipment-rental applications aimed mainly at the construction/tool biz. One SaaS I know of through a friend in the construction biz is:

          But I don't know if that'll work for you or what our local camera rental houses use.
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            I use asset tiger.

            It’s tied into the printing of barcode / asset labels.

            It’s definitely not the most elegant, but it works and is cross platform.


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