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    Media archival software recommendations

    I work for a company that has several hundred years of media that they wanted to be able to archive and access. I worked for an organization before that used a program called CatDV but, to me, it was a mess. Anyone have any other recommendations?


    I literally just wrote an article on how i cataloged my raw footage, the app i used might not be powerful enough for you but this might help point you in the right direction:


      For what sounds like a huge project, Tim, you might want to reach out to the Association of Moving Image Archivists (if you haven't already). They have members from (and aim to help) big broadcasters, government departments, museums, libraries, and their fellow travellers. They have lots of cool resources and used to run a great email list, AMIA-L. The list might still be great; I haven't checked it out in years (was totally handy when I was working with a museum on a big archiving project; I wasn't running the project, but the AMIA-L listers helped me figure out what I should...and shouldn' doing). Totally great group that where you can probably find multiple people who've initiated projects just like you're doing.

      The Association of Moving Image Archivists

      Here's the page for their email list, along with a link to the list's archive (of course they archive their email list! )

      AMIA-L Listserv
      Jim Feeley
      POV Media