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Any music software recommendation?

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    I've been using Ableton Live and am happy with its flexibility.


      For its price vs features, Reaper is by far the best offer out there. It has a somewhat steep initially learning curve though. Myself, I'm mostly in Digital Performer because I've been in that DAW for years and just feel way more comfortable with the workflow.

      Also, Reaper is free right now for a few months if you want to try it out.


        If the free audio and video editors/DAWs are so good, then why do many of us pay lots of money for what we use? It's because they offer what we need and can put up with the price.


          Originally posted by alexawiliams784 View Post
          I just shifted to windows os from Mac and I am still not able to run Garageband on my windows. Any idea of how this can work?
          Firstly, I think GarageBand is macOS and iOS only. You cannot use it on any other OS, I mean not in a legit way though. But this guide explains some methods to make this happen. See if that works for you.