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any semi / professional editors out there?

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    any semi / professional editors out there?

    I'm wondering what information is useful to give to an edit along with the footage. It seems we're still using terms that were suited to film when most of us don't shoot with film.
    most forms don't include filenames for camera & audio which I thought would be useful
    duration? really - cant we see that from the clip itself

    if you're an editor, what information would you want?



      for what kind of project? I would think the needs would be different for each.

      Corporate stuff clients often give you a “paper edit” where they tell you exactly what sounds bites to use in what order and maybe even what b roll goes over them.

      With a movie I would think (Ive only ever edited my own) script along with what lines/scenes each clip comprises, and any special notes about “I definitely want a CU for this line” or “this part should be very choppy” etc.

      Expect some back and forth with client til theyre hapoy
      My camera work

      Youtube Channel


        they're short films and I would normally edit myself but if I'm directing or shooting and getting someone else to edit I'd like to provide them with consice information that helps with the edit. I already do an EDL as my own version of a shotlist and that can be handed off with the script but is there really any need for continuity log shoots & sound reports etc.

        *and if your corporate clients know about b-roll and a paper edit you're dealing with a very different level of client that I do - any mention of b-roll would have my type of cleint thinking about lunch.