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choppy videos on premiere ????

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    choppy videos on premiere ????

    i got premiere pro cc 2019 and when i playback my video it's choppy all the time , definetely can't work with that
    my gear is

    cg aorus geforce 1080ti extrem , w10 x64 pro , ryzen 1950x with 32gb of memory , which isn't recognized by premiere , it recognize only 15gb..

    i plugged the gc with display port on my acer predator , so definetely good hardware..

    i guess , the more money you spend , the more problems you get..

    thanks for the help , this forum is the best of all forums for video makers..

    Tell us more about your footage.


      it's a footage that i did myself
      with 2 cameras actually
      one camera is canon mark 4 with with a sigma 50 1.4 very good lens btw
      and another camera , canon mark 3 with a 17 40 lens from canon

      so i put them together in premiere and it was a mess when it cames to work on it
      chopping all the time
      at first i thought that it was my sound card , but it works fine , so it's definetely premiere

      thanks for your time


        If you used the 5D Mark IV, I'm assuming you captured in 4K Motion JPEG, which is difficult to edit without transcoding it first. Even very good systems struggle with it. (Although it works much better in FCP X than it once did.)

        If you didn't and it's regular 1080p on the IV (it definitely is on the III) then I truly have no answer because the H.264 is very easy to work with...and maybe check your software settings?

        But, yes...M-JPEG is super rough to work with straight out of the camera.


          ok i didn't think about that ,
          this is the information i get

          so i guess it's full hd but not 4k , maybe the sound i don't know

          thanks for the reply


            Something is definitely not right with your software or hardware.

            It's difficult to troubleshoot online, but if possible try resetting the software back to its original state. Or reinstalling the software completely (save projects, plugins, etc).

            Maybe run a diagnostics test as well?

            I've edited that kind of 1080p footage on a MacBook Air for many your computer has more than enough power. However, if you have a bunch of color correction/grading/filters on the footage then it may struggle to playback.


              ok thanks
              i didn't tweak anything on the software, just installed it and put some plugins , but i did the same thing with the old premiere cs6 cc2017 etc.. , and it was good
              i guess it's w10 which is giving me a hard time , since i'm with this os , problems are here all the time

              i think that i'm gonna reverse to an old premiere like on 2017 or less , maybe it will solve the problem , i don't know

              and for the resolution , i always work in full hd so 1080p and no chopping playback , until now with w10

              thanks for the replys though