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    Originally posted by Cristian Mihai View Post
    .... I told him that a colorist can work from home and is a stable job and well paid. He ask me how much ... Can you please give me some insights ?
    The average pay is $75k according to one survey, but that number is meaningless as there are different markets. The majority of real colorist work is done in post production houses at the facility. If you can get a staff job at a post house, then it would be stable.... but for how long. As with most everything in this business, there are constant reorganizations, downsizing, acquisitions, mergers, cost cutting. I think there are few stable media jobs.

    It would take years of internship and assistant work to get to the level of a respected and well paid/stable colorist job. Good luck getting an internship and job at a post house. I worked at a very respected post house. The old joke about starting in the mail room was true for one person who had a film degree. He worked in the mail room for 4 years and finally got a boring job of doing transfers of audio from one media to another. All the other jobs were locked by people who have spent their entire careers at that post house. There were two fortunate interns that did quite well and one of them won an Oscar. But that is a sand pebble on the beach.

    I'd stay with IT, continue to get better education and training, and climb up the IT ladder.

    The number of good paying colorist jobs is infinitesimal compared to IT jobs. IT is a very broad category, but IT jobs can easily go over $100k and well beyond that.
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