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Let's Talk Workflow -- Please Help

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    Let's Talk Workflow -- Please Help

    Sorry if this isn't the correct forum for this thread, but I figured it was a good place to start.

    So let me first say that I am new to the world of motion, period.

    I am a successful professional still photographer, and have a degree in photojournalism. I have extensive knowledge of lighting and a very strong sense of production values.

    I wanted to get into video to be able to produce documentary and commercial content, and maybe one day even cinematic content. Naturally I got a DVX.

    I don't really need help with the actually shooting. I think I can figure all that out based upon my experience and Barry's book.

    Ok so now that I'm finished tooting my own horn , here's the help I need:

    I want to know what my basic workflow should be. Are there any things that I should be doing before a shoot, technically? ie: prestriping tapes.

    With my stills I have a tried and true process I go through before and after a shoot that may vary slightly from job to job, but is always effective in turning out the product that the client and I are looking for.

    I know a lot about Photoshop, so I figured it was only natural to stay within the Adobe environment for my video needs. Now I'm not so sure. The Premiere Pro interface is great and seems to be what I'm used to, but I want to pick a NLE that will work well for whatever I may need to do, whether I'm shooting 60i, 30p, or 24p, and no matter what format I'm exporting to.

    Some people on the forum, it seems, don't think that Premiere has it all. Why is this? Is Vegas more versatile? I've tried Avid before for some web work, and it seemed way more confusing than Premiere.

    And once I choose a NLE, what is the best way to capture? ie: all the many options that are available when you capture. I know that it depends on what I shot, how it was shot, and what the output should be, but what parameters do I need to worry about and what things should remain unchanged for the best results.

    Once the footage is captured what things should I be doing to the footage other than cutting from clip to clip to make my product look the way it should?

    And once editing is finished, what are the rules about exporting? I know things vary depending on where something is to end up..DVD, TV, etc.

    What about file formats? I know that in still editing there are certain formats that aren't compressed and are best to go from platform to platform (PSD, TIFF, etc) whild maintaining all the original in-camera quality. Like what would be the best way to get something from a NLE to After Effects 6.0 for effects and then back to the NLE for exportation?

    What is the best, most user-friendly DVD-authoring software? It seems like Adobe Encore is pretty widely-used, what about Macrmedia Director? I know flash, is it a similiar interface?

    I know this is a lot of general newbie questioning and could be pretty annoying to the more-experienced DVXusers on this great forum, but I gotta start somewhere.

    Maybe using a real-life situation will make it easier to answer:

    I'm shooting an on-stage stand-up comedy act this Wednesday and I got all the tools ready: cameras, lighting, mics, mixer. It's all there. I want to shoot in 24p in CineGamma to give it a nice filmic look and possibly in 16:9.

    I have a second shooter who will be using a Canon XL1s -- 60i. Is this going to be a problem? If I use Magic Bullet to deinterlace his video, will I be able to seemlessly integrate it into my timeline? What can I do to help this? Gamma settings?

    What about audio. Would it be best to run my 8 channel mixer into the XLR's of the DVX?

    And finally, the client is looking to make a DVD and post some video to the web. What should I take into consideration to get the best results for this?

    Ok, I think that's it. So sorry to write an essay, but I'm new to this.

    If anybody ever has any questions about anything related to still photography, film or digital; 35mm, medium or large format; what strobes are the best -- anything at all. I can definitely help there.

    Thanks so much!! Cheers.

    i'm don't know much about all those questions. but i know for editing you should get proficient in color correcting and titling. premiere is a proven software, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. it's the editor not the software. vegas is good too, it's particularly strong in the audio department. it's said that the audio capabilities of vegas approach those of pro tools.

    what else? oh, 24p and cinema look is not best suited for every application. consider that certain shows--like reality shows, do better with the harsh reality look of interlaced video. porno also looks better in 60i.

    and don't forget audio. go to the audio forum and tell them your kit for the comedy club.


      And once editing is finished, what are the rules about exporting? I know things vary depending on where something is to end up..DVD, TV, etc.


      be careful on this. better to consult a tax attorney regarding various tariffs etc. Exporting video can be a real drag.