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    LUTCalc LUT Generator App

    Hi All,

    I'm a lighting cameraman with a Sony camera and for some time I've had a hobby / obsession developing a tool to let me create MLUTs and grading LUTs for use with log shooting based on manufacturer-developed looks which I can then tweak.

    I usually post on the Sony F5/F55/FS7 forums but I think that it has reached a point where it could be useful to users of other log-recording cameras. It's called LUTCalc, there is a freely available online version at that link, but I have also got offline Mac App and Chrome Web App versions available at the respective stores for a couple of quid (hopefully to eventually keep the expenses of developer subscriptions and web hosting covered :-) ). The code itself is available on GitHub.

    I've included pretty much every log curve I can find documentation for, including: S-Log3, S-Log2, S-Log, V-Log, Arri LogC (Sup 2 and Sup 3&4), Canon C-Log, Canon C-Log2, Cineon and Panalog, plus conventional gamma curves and Dolby PQ. More get added as I find reliable information about them.

    You can convert between them or to a number of display gammas derived from manufacturer looks such as LC709 Type A, Sony Hypergammas and Canon Wide DR amongst others. Of particular use to Sony cameras where most bits of software don't currently pick up on the CineEI metadata, you can create accurate exposure adjustment LUTs for any of the included log curves.

    Colour space wise there are also a number of options listed by manufacturer or type.

    Information such as the black, 18% gray and 90% white IRE levels for the current look are listed to help with exposure and it also includes charts to show the tone curve of the current output settings, along with the option of previews (all versions handle jpegs and 8-bit pngs, the Mac App version can also read 16-bit tiffs and pngs) with scopes.

    Adjustments include colour temperature / white balance, a flexible knee tool which can be used to create effects from conventional video knees through to hypergammas and a tool for varying the saturation from stop to stop.

    I'm also building up a list of settings presets for different bits of software and hardware to help make sure that things look as consistent as possible whether on a Gratical, in the FS7's MLUT system, in Premiere, Resolve or Color Finale. With LUTs, the expected input and output ranges (whether legal or extended) frequently varies between different bits of kit and either by testing myself or with the help of users I'm gradually getting a handle on what works where.

    Anyway, please do take a look and see if it's of use. There are a couple of info videos on the site to help get started, plus extensive information in the app itself. It has been developed for my own personal needs as a cameraman, but I have added a great deal as other users make suggestions or prick my interest in something new, so let me know how it goes and what you think.



    Hey Ben, by chance is their a way to create a MLUT for the F23/35 using your software?
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