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Resolve second monitor using Ultrastudio Mini?

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    Resolve second monitor using Ultrastudio Mini?

    Just trying to get a confirmation.

    I'm using resolve on the 15" MBP retina, and I want to have a second monitor to output the viewer window. The UltraStudio Mini Monitor into the thunderbolt will do this yes?
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    Alright, resurrecting an old thread, rather than starting a new one. To answer the OP’s question (6 years later), yes, the mini monitor does allow sending a full screen preview to a seperate monitor. I have done this with a MBP to a plasma, and it worked great!

    So, 6 years later, does a BM Ultrastudio Mini Monitor work with the new iMacs and MBP’s?

    Has anyone had success with the Thunderbolt T2 to T3 apple adapter? I have been reading around, have mailed blackmagic support, and reading recent reviews, and the verdict is very mixed.

    There are those that say the Apple adapter doesn’t supply bus power to devices, and so the mini monitor doesn’t work. And then there are those that say “it works!”. There are even those that say they have tried other adapters and found the apple adapter was the only one that worked for them.

    Anyone have success adapting an Ultrstudio mini monitor thunderbolt 2 to thunderbolt 3 i macs?



      The Apple Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 adapter WORKS with the Ultrastudio Min Monitor. Just plug it in, set playback to use the Ultrastudio device, save and quit. When you open up Davinci Resolve again, it will start outputing the timeline to an external monitor.