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Red Giant LUT Buddy and CS6

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    Red Giant LUT Buddy and CS6

    Hello fellow filmmakers!

    I am having a bit of a problem, and I'm not sure what to do about it. Some background:

    I have a Canon 60D and I shoot mostly using Technicolor Cinestyle (which is great, in my opinion). I edit mostly using Premiere Pro CS5.5 with a dash of After Effects. However, I just upgraded to CS6, and while I can open up my CS5.5 projects in CS6, I get an error that the LUT could not be found.

    I'm using a Mac (late 2011 model) with 16 gig ram running OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion). I tried re-downloading the LUT Buddy installer from Red Giant and running it again because I know that you have to install LUT Buddy for CS5.5 you have to install it for "CS5" and move it into the correct folder for CS5.5, and I figure that I'll do that again for CS6. So I run the LUT Buddy installer, and get the message that the Install is successful. Great. However...

    I open up my Library and go to move the folders around ( - instructions). I go to Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common - but there is no "Plug-ins" folder there at all. No Plug-ins, no CS5 (or CS5.5 or CS6), no MediaCore.

    I just tried opening up Premiere Pro CS5.5 again, and the LUT Buddy plug-in is not in the Effects menu where it previously was. I'm more than a little confused, and if anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate the help!

    UPDATE: Ok, I found a workaround - I changed the install location to my Desktop, and the folder with the plugin was placed there. After that, I went to my Library and created the folders as found on the Red Giant install workaround linked above. Next time I opened CS6 - LUT Buddy is an available effect.