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advice for a gallery video setup using a dvr?

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    advice for a gallery video setup using a dvr?

    Hey folks,
    I'm looking for suggestions for setting up a gallery kind of screening for some videos I've made for an artist. Maybe using a dvr or something.

    I made videos of a weeklong experimental performance some time ago for her, and she has a gallery show of related stuff coming up. This video was the seed for the new show so she'd like it playing all the way through (for a few weeks) on a screen, probably on a white pedestal or something, as minimal as possible so she's looking for a way we can get the video into this lone monitor and play continuously.
    This would be no big deal for most video's, right?
    ok, this video is 36 HOURS long. It is indeed a weeklong performance cut down to 36 hours so it still feels 'live' and uninterrupted.
    We'd prefer not to play it through a laptop and HD all plugged in and messy, but they are very large files. right now they are 9 uncompressed quicktimes, a little less than 2 TB.

    The screen isn't huge and she's not that concerned about a little lower resolution, so I'm thinking I'll compress it all into 720p (from 1080) about at 'vimeo'720 settings and I should be able to get them all under 1TB. Then I figured I could get them onto a little DVR with a 1TB drive something like one of these or one of these
    They are split into about 9 files, but I don't have much experience with those things. I see that I could copy it all onto there but I need to be sure I can set it up to play one then continue on to the next one by itself to the next one, etc until the last one and then back to the first one, ON IT'S OWN, like a playlist of sorts. It's a few weeks long thing sitting in a gallery so I can't have someone waiting for the end of each video to hit play on the next one or anything. Anyone have any ideas or experience with these to tell me if that might do what I'm hoping?
    these devices seem like the smallest way to have it there running continuously. thanks in advance for any advice or help.

    The User Manual for your first choice, page 37 for video selection and page 44-45 for play mode. Looks like it is doable on your repeat playback.

    (Internet is wonderful for finding user manuals for just such an occasion)
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