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Best format to convert VHS to use in a pro project

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    Best format to convert VHS to use in a pro project


    I need to use some old VHS footage in a documentary , I would like to get the best quality out of this footage in order to do some color correction etc. I see the cheap converters around 50 dollar I see around are generally compressing to MPEG4. This documenatry is mainly shot with red and I am using FCP to edit. so, what would be the best codec or format I should get the VHS? I have seen a device that converts to H.264, cost 200 dollars, although I would not like to spend too much money in this VHS conversion.

    I got a Mini DV camera with a minijack analog input, I though converting to MINI DV tape and then capture that from the camara with firewire in FCP. would be that enought or at least better than MPEG4 or H.264?

    Thanks a lot
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    Probably uncompressed 8 bit will be the best quality for a vhs, Steer away from h264 or even mpeg. Not to sure how you are gonna size the VHS footy to match the RED footy though,