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Intermediate/Advanced Color Correction

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    Intermediate/Advanced Color Correction

    Although I'd rate my knowledge of color correction as merely 'passable' for an editor of my experience, I keep getting hired as a Colorist for small films and TV programing. I use Final Cut almost exclusively for coloring, with the occasional jaunt into Color. I can correct color issues and establish simple styles, but things like power windows and more complex styles are beyond me.

    My problem is that I've stopped getting better. I'm self taught and I imagine a lack of color fundamentals is now impeding my progress. I'd like to learn more about color theory and advanced color correction techniques.

    If anyone has suggestions on books and tutorials to look at, it would be much appreciated. I can only find beginner tutorials (even on linda) or ones teaching software. Speaking of software, I've never felt limited by Color but if there are other programs that would help me progress, I'd be happy to invest. Even though I hear people rave about it often, (and I could be way off, having never used it) Magic bullet quick looks always looked to me like it was primary filters for those who didn't know how to color correct. On the other side I don't know that I'm ready for Da Vinci, price wise or otherwise.

    DaVinci is only $1,000 for the Mac version (There's a free version, too). There's system requirements and more information at

    Adobe just bought Iridas and their SpeedGrade platform. I don't have any inside information, but I expect it to be offered as part of the next version of Creative Suite.

    Baselight is supposed to be making a plugin for FCP that will also run about $1,000 and will bring a lot of the power of the Baselight platform directly into FCP.

    And there's always Magic Bullet Colorista.

    As for books:
    Post production is not an afterthought!


      Thanks, the books look great. Do you know if any of the other stuff that comes in the magic bullet suite (steady, denoiser, etc) is worthwhile?

      I'm leaning towards going with DaVinci, but I might just snatch up colorista for a while and get DaVinci when I have a chance to upgrade my system.


        I absolutely recommend those two books as well.

        There is something to gain in each of them and you need nothing else. (Get them both).

        I am currently re- reading them because I am in the middle of a project that I am being my own colorist on! (Out of my depth as usual but the books are helping)

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