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    Good grief, this is such a computer novice thread. If you guys were anywhere else, the nerds would have torn you to shreds by now, fortunately I'm the cool guy.

    Okay, for Maya or any other 3D modeling program, you WILL need a better graphics card. The best you can afford basically. It sounds to me like you're either using a cheap card (at least by today's standards) that was put in there or you're using onboard video. Both are bad for 3D modeling on today's software. Your best bets are:

    - nVidia Geforce 6800 Ultra AGP or PCI Express versions (most likely you have AGP, PCI Express came out big time this year)

    - ATI Radeon X700 to Radeon X800XT PCI Express (AGP if you can find it)

    - nVidia Quadro series based card with minimum of 128mb of RAM (they go up to 512mb or 1gb of RAM if I'm not mistaken)

    - ATI FireGL series with minimum of 128mb of RAM

    Out of all of those, your best bets for 3D Modeling would be the Quadro's or the FireGL's since those cards are meant for 3D stuff. The 6800 and X800 series of cards are mostly meant for games. Judging from what your graphics card is, I'd say you have just a regular Dell or other brand name computer so maybe you could list the specs and brand of your machine so we can make further recommendations?

    Also, the monitor going black on you is probably from a resolution change or graphics card related issue. You should be able to set your monitor orientation back to the way it was by going into your display properties and fiddling around under the Settings tab and possibly under Advanced options. If you're seriously considering purchasing Maya, I would recommend that you examine your computer first and see if you should upgrade first. I'm not saying go for the best of the best, but just an additional hard drive here and a little extra RAM there wouldn't hurt. Also, your video performance would also increase with the upgrades needed for 3D modeling. Well, good luck with it!
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