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kdenlive 0.8 released

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    kdenlive 0.8 released

    We have released the 0.8 version of kdenlive (Open Source, running on Linux and OS X).

    Information page here
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    I've been using Linux for several years, particularly Ubuntu; lately though I decided to install Mint instead (essentially still Ubuntu I know) because I did not get on with Unity and wanted to stay with Gnome. In this spirit of change I thought it was time I tried some KDE apps, with Kdenlive being my most anticipated try-out. I have not done much with it yet, just starting to learn how to do a few things that I do with my existing NLEs (which are FCP at work and Vegas Pro at home). So far my experience has been very possitive. However, I wonder if you can help me with a few querries Granjow?

    1) Is it possible to alter the opacity of a video clip on the timeline?

    2) I shoot sep sound on a Zoom H2 with quality 48 khz, 24-bit stereo. When I drag one of these wavs onto the timeline and check clip properties, there is confirmation of this quality. When I export audio from the timeline the wav quality of the export is 16-bit. Is there any way for me to create a render profile for 24-bit wavs?

    3) Can you tell me what Kdenlive does with my Canon mov files -- the 1920 x 1088 frame is fitted to a 1920 x 1080 project. Does Kdenlive crop the frame or squeeze the height?

    4) I have ungrouped video/audio clips (my timeline is setup to display video and audio on separate layers if that is relevant) but I'm unable to regroup them so they can be dragged along the timeline as a single item again. I have tried multi-selecting the video and audio layers and clicking regroup, but when I drag say the video, the audio remains behind (it has not been re-grouped).