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ProDAD Mercalli v2 not working after purchase

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    ProDAD Mercalli v2 not working after purchase

    I bought the ProDAD Mercalli V2 because I thought its results were quite good compared to other stabilizers I've tried for Premiere CS5.

    After buying the product I haven't been able to unlock the demo's "pink cross" that's on the preview screen. After two weeks of trying to contact ProDAD support I haven't still been able to get this issue fixed. I haven't got a single render done with Mercalli yet and ProDAD doesn't answer my e-mails or phone calls anymore. It could be that the serial number is just faulty, but I don't understand the lack of customer service.

    Has anyone else got similar experiences?

    I'm doing commercial work and need to get the video finalized and this problem is starting bother me quite a bit
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    Sounds odd... Prodad is usually very fast and good about customer support. Most of us Edius users use Prodad products and have good dealings with them. Have you checked their website for any patches and latest versions? I use Mercalli 2 all the time without any problems.



      This week ProDAD sent me a new patch and now the plugin works. I actually think they sent me a totally unlocked OS X version of the plugin and not an updated patch.

      Any way no I'm happy, although it did take them four weeks to solve the issue and communication was very slow with them. I am happy with the actual Mercalli 2 product and its features.


        I'm having great problems with Mercalli.
        Very often the procedure of analysis stop without giving any result, sometimes final cut pro crashes. But the really worst think is that I have contacted the customer service explaining anything was going on. First time the answered me that they didn't understand what was going on and later they simply just NOT ANSWER ME.
        So I sadly have to say that the investment really didn't worth. Terrible customer service. Maybe I have some problem on my congiguration but it was simply impossible to clear it out


          I have the same problem except I cannot find any way to contact ProDAD to get any help.

          I am evaluating Premiere Pro CS5.5 on Mac OS X & downloaded the demo version of the stablisation plug-in ProDAD Mercalli V2 & was so impressed that I paid $249 for the standalone & plugin versions for Windows & Mac. As it turns out there is no standalone version for Mac but that is by the by. The very big problem that I have is that I cannot unlock the demo version that puts a pink cross on the image & cannot contact anyone at ProDAD to get some help.

          I removed every last trace of Mercalli I could find. I have removed & re-installed Mercalli & Premiere several times. I do not get an UnlockMercalli program installed as described in the PDF manual & help but the whole description of installation & registration in the manual, help & FAQ doesn't match up with what I see anyway e.g. I cannot register the product for "free email technical support" because there is no 'Registration' button

          The problem is that there is apparently no way of contacting ProDAD technical support or obtaining any support for this product. The emails with download link & serial number came from who appear to be just handling the on-line shop. We are directed to for technical support but as far as I can see there is no help there beyond a few FAQs. I can find no way of raising a support ticket, no support forum, not even an email address. This is crazy for a moderately expensive & very sophisticated software product.

          This has been the most frustrating exercise that from some other forum posts that I found while Googling others have had severe difficulties getting any support for Mercalli.

          Please does anyone have a way of contacting ProDAD support? At present I have a non-functioning piece of software that I cannot get fixed or even figure out how to get a refund.