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    From what I've read on the seriousmagic dvRack FAQ, dvRack supports one 1394 port to one camera at a time.

    1. If you had a machine with two 1394 ports and dv camera connected to each, is dvRack configurable to choose which 1394 port it gets its data from?

    Absolutely. When you have two or more DV devices connected, a new menu appears titled Devices. It shows all devices that Windows has recognized (the same list you'd see in My Computer). You can record from only one source at a time, and you can switch sources only when you're not recording. So the workflow for recording from multiple sources is
    1) Record Device 1.
    2) Stop recording.
    3) Switch to Device 2.
    4) Start recording.
    Mark Mapes
    Quality Engineer, Adobe Clip