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I Need to Choose Editing Software and hardware--can anyone help? I am clueless!

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    This is a quote from the Sony Vegas Forum.

    "To the best of my knowledge no one has been able to create a DL DVD that plays reliably. That and the cost of the media might explain why they don't seem to be taking off. Why do you need to go to DL?

    You can fit 2 hours of pretty good quality video onto a 4.7G DVD.
    If you need to go out to replication as far as I know no replicator will accept DL masters, you need to output to DLT tape which DVDA etc do not support. You need either DVD Studio Pro or one of the Scenarist authoring apps and a DLT tape drive."

    There were a number of messages about this problem. No one seems to have successfully burned a project to DL.


      well i have burned many DL disks. granted i have not been using sonys dvd program. i use 2 other 3rd party programs. perhaps this post means that burning DLs using sonys program will not be reliable? otherwise, i dont see how anyone can justify DL disks in general not being reliable...

      welp, i read this thread too late and just bought vegas 5.x.. so is there no way to just get the dvd architect proggie? im not real clear on this and sonys site is confusing.. to me atleast...


        welp, i finally found the dvd architect software on sonys site. it was not plainly seen. i just upgraded my vegas 5.x to this version so all is well.