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DV Rack Free Upgrade #3 Now Available

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  • OnLoMark
    Re: DV Rack Free Upgrade #3 Now Available

    DV Rack Upgrade #3 is now available for download at If you are running DV Rack on a system that does not have Internet access, you can download the upgrade to another computer, copy the executable to the DV Rack machine, and manually launch the patch process by doubleclicking the .exe.

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  • OnLoMark
    started a topic DV Rack Free Upgrade #3 Now Available

    DV Rack Free Upgrade #3 Now Available

    On behalf of Serious Magic, I am pleased to announce that the third update for DV Rack is now posted. Here are the Release Notes:

    This version, 1.0.1430.0, contains the following new features and fixes.
    • New Feature - Keyboard shortcuts have been added for switching the Field Monitor's Pixel Aspect Ratio (PAR) to the two most common settings. For 4:3 [PAR = 1.333], press F8.  For 16:9 [1.778], press CTRL+F8. Applying the patch automatically makes the necessary changes to the "keyboard shortcuts.txt" file for the user who's logged on when the patch is applied. You will have to amend this file manually for any other user account through which DV Rack is run.  To do so, go to: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Serious Magic\DV Rack, open "keyboard shortcuts.txt," and add the following lines at the bottom between the lines that read "FULLSCREEN" and "#end of file":
            ASPECT_4:3         F8
            ASPECT_16:9       CTRL F8
    • Fixed – Problem could occur when recording clips longer than one hour.
    • Fixed – PAL clips in Quicktime format could not be played or scrubbed.
    • Fixed – Type 1 clips longer than five minutes would not import correctly into Adobe Premiere.
    • Fixed – Clips recorded with an adopted timecode that crosses the 1:40 mark would not import into NLEs.
    • Fixed – The keyboard shortcuts for the two Zebra functions would not work.
    • Fixed – The “Home” keyboard shortcut would not work while a clip was playing.

    At present, this update is available through the Check for Updates option in the Help Menu.  Notice will be posted here when a link has been added to our website for downloading the executable so that you can install the update on computers that do not have an Internet connection.  If you would like to be notified directly by e-mail when the downloadable version is available, please send me a note with "Update 3 Download Notification" in the subject field.