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Editing Effect? 'Scribe - Not Many' music clip

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    Editing Effect? 'Scribe - Not Many' music clip

    Is there anyone here who has seen the music video to Scribe - Not Many? In the video they have a weird sort of screen motion effect (dunno how to describe it really), but what it seems to do is whenever the person on screen moves their head/body in a particular direction (e.g. shaking their head from side to side) the screen seems to move with them, creating a cool looking effect.

    It doesn't seem to be basic screen-shifting done in post, so I was wondering if anyone on here knows how it was done?

    Re: Editing Effect? 'Scribe - Not Many' music clip

    I've never seen the video but from what you describe, it sounds as though you might blue/green screen the individual and shot the background plate. Put the two together and whenever the person would move, you would shift the background with a directional blur to whatever direction the person is moving. Something like that maybe? I wish i could see the video.