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    Animation Software

    Tried a search...

    I did find this program...

    Was wondering if anyone has heard of any programs... I have a friend who would like to start doing animation on a computer... he's really good at drawing cartoons... and other art.

    I am assuming from your post that you are wondering about programs for drawn (ie, 2D) animation. I can think of a few possibilties for 2D. Painter (now owned by Corel) has some animation features, like onion skinning and filmstrip-like files, but they are not as extensive as ToonBoom's.

    Director (now owned by Adobe) has a lot of animation features as well, but it's pretty expensive, in part because it incluses a bunch of non-animation features. Flash would work too, but again not as much animation support as ToonBoom studio.

    You could also use programs like Shake and After Effects for animation and save some money if you already own them.

    I would recommend downloading demos and trying them out. 3D animation is a whole different ball game which I have no knowledge of, and the above programs do not do 3D animation.

    Hope that helps,


      ToonBoom is a wonderful program. It is by far the best 2D animation program I have used. I would suggest downloading the trial for ToonBoom Studio and checking out a few tutorials on their website. Also if you don't already have one pick up a Wacom tablet.


        Thanks... I'll pass this on to my friend...


 here is a list of some stuff done with ToonBoom. Keep in mind these were all done with their pro version software but TB Studio is just as great and alot more user friendly.

 Their support forums have a very helpful community that assist in learning the program.

          I have been meaning to try their Storyboard software, if its anything like their animation software it will be a big help in productions.


            We use Animestudio Pro.

            Its a pretty powerful animation program for the price, about $200.
            We use it for a childrens animation DVD series.




              For 2D animation, Toonboom will be doing great. As far as 3D animation is concerned, Maya is the best although many use Flash. But as far as maya is concerned, U need a proper training in that. You can explore many amazing features in that.
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